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  • Webinar: Henkel Develops Advanced Solder Paste Test Vehicle

    This webinar discusses the process of creating a more holistic solder paste process analysis, especially as device miniaturization and finer particle size solders become mainstream. While many suppliers and manufacturers use proprietary solder material evaluation tools, there is a requirement for easily-implemented, standardized test vehicles that address the realities of today’s manufacturing complexities, particularly in the process areas of printing and reflow. The electronics business of Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed such a tool.

    Author: Chrys Shea and Doug Dixon

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  • Thermal-Clad/Isolated Metal Substrate Thermal Management System

    Effective thermal management is key to ensuring consistent performance and long-term reliability of many electronic devices. Consumer demand for smaller, higher functioning devices presents even greater challenges for thermal management, as these conditions produce higher temperatures and more stress for electronic components. To ensure effective heat management for semiconductor devices, Henkel has developed the Thermal-Clad/Insulated Metal Substrate, which offers a highly-efficient method to cool these devices. Thermal-Clad insulated substrates minimize thermal impedance and conduct heat more effectively and efficiently than standard printed circuit boards. This information will be presented during the upcoming Henkel webinar, along with details about selection of the application-specific dielectric.

    Henkel will explore in this webinar what alternate solution engineers can chose and which dielectric selection is the best for the application.

    Author: Michael Stoll

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  • Low Temperature and Dual (UV) Cure Adhesives for Temperature Sensitive Electronic Applications

    With the trend towards sensing functionalities, the number of semiconductor-based sensors is growing fast. Such sensors often contain temperature sensitive substrates and components (like MEMS), which limit the processing of thermally-cured adhesives and encapsulants to maximum 80°C. Next to this, more accurate sensing also requires low stress and low warpage adhesives for constant and stable functionality over operating temperature range. This webinar presents new materials for MEMS, CMOS image and fingerprint sensor type assemblies fulfilling such requirements.

    Author: Ing. Ruud de Wit

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