Leaks from pipes and  fluid fittings can bring work processes to a standstill. LOCTITE® thread sealants are the preferred solution for many different applications across industries to secure pipes, hydraulic systems, and other connections from fluid leaks. LOCTITE® has long been a trusted brand for adhesive and sealant technology, helping our partners reduce downtime while cutting cost.  

Reliable thread sealing is achieved as the anaerobic thread sealant cures when confined in the absence of air and contact with metal surfaces. This technology is ideal for preventing leaks due to vibration, changing pressures, or changing temperatures. Thread sealants are the ideal solution to preventing leaks in industrial maintenance and assembly applications due to their ease of application and quick cure times.

Advantages of LOCTITE® Thread Sealants:

  • Single-component – clean and easy to apply
  • Do not creep, shrink, or contaminate systems
  • Can be used on any size of pipe fitting
  • Replace all types of tape, putties, and paste sealants
  • resists vibration and shock loads
  • Protects threads and fittings against corrosion
  • Available with potable water and gas approvals
  • Designed for high- and low-pressure applications
  • Has controlled strength for ease of disassembly

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Thread Sealant Product Forms

Commonly used to prevent leaks in pipes and  other fluid fittings, anaerobic thread sealants are a trusted choice for a variety of industrial maintenance and assembly applications. Henkel offers a broad range of different thread sealant chemistries and compositions that cover the needs of industrial maintenance and assembly professions.

Henkel’s LOCTITE® thread sealant line includes silicone thread sealants used to seal plastic pipes as well as anaerobic resin compounds which  prevents leaks even after thermal cycling and vibration. These thread sealants are able to withstand shocks and vibrations while maintaining secure seals. Additionally, Henkel offers a line of high temperature thread sealants that can withstand high temperatures, preventing leaks and corrosion in even the most extreme conditions.   

Cord Thread Sealant

In addition to anaerobic thread sealants, another option is to seal pipes or joints with thread sealing cord. The advantages of using thread sealing cord is that it does not require curing time and is generally seen as an easy and effectively way to quickly seal leaks. LOCTITE® thread sealing cord works to effectively stop leaks on both metal and plastic substrates while providing easy and clean use.

When to use a Thread Sealant

Designed for low- and high-pressure applications, thread sealants fill the space between threaded parts and provide an instant, low pressure seal. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most pipe systems.


Typical applications for thread sealants include sealing metal tapered pipe threads and fittings in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, pulp/paper, waste treatment, textile, utilities/power generation, marine, automotive, gas compression and distribution industries. Thread sealers are also recommended for industrial plant maintenance applications. Henkel offers anaerobic pipe thread sealant as well as silicone pipe thread sealants that help seal pipes quickly and effectively. 

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems and different types of fluid power connections come under significant stress from many types of environmental factors. Hydraulic thread sealants from LOCTITE® are up to the challenge that confront hydraulic systems since they help seal these high-pressure system components. Thread sealants from LOCTITE® work on different types of metal substrates in both high- and low-pressure systems. These hydraulic thread sealants are used for maintenance and assembly uses across industries due to their strong sealing capabilities and because they will not clog filters or otherwise contaminate hydraulic fluids like traditional putties, pastes and PTFE tapes. LOCTITE® thread sealants are also used for sealing hydraulic hoses and stainless steel pipes and fittings, giving industrial maintenance and assembly operations flexibility in application areas.       

Contact us today to talk to a representative about finding the thread sealant that fits your needs.

Industrial Applications for Thread Sealants

Thread sealants are essential for a number of different industries due to their easy application and ability to prevent leaks. Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand has you covered for industrial-grade thread sealants that are able to prevent leaks and keep your equipment running efficiently.

Industrial Maintenance and Assembly

The constant threat of fluid leaks are a fact of life in industry. LOCTITE® thread sealants are the trusted choice of those working in the industrial maintenance and assembly field due to their ability to seal  pipes and fluid fittings of  a variety of substrates.  Reliable and easy to use, LOCTITE® thread sealants help reduce downtime and cut cost for industrial maintenance and assembly operations.


Thread sealants are essential for the automotive industry to water pump and coolant systems running smoothly. LOCTITE® offers thread sealants for automotive fluid power systems as well as other hydraulic systems that are especially suited for automotive applications. Thread sealants used in automotive applications are designed to withstand fluids that are common in the automotive industry.


Thread sealants are effective alternatives to  pipe dopes, putties and PTFE tape for plumbing applications since they do not put unnecessary streass on pipe connections. Many plumbers trust LOCTITE® thread sealants to help them get the job done right with quick cure times and strong leak protection.

Why Using LOCTITE® Thread Sealants Is Better Alternative Than Traditional Sealant Types

There are many reasons why LOCTITE® thread sealants are a better, more efficient alternative to thread tape and traditional sealants. Here are just a few:

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