Sports and Fashion

Less Taken, More Given

Sports & Fashion is one of the fastest-growing industries shifting towards sustainability. Demand for more sustainable products and processes, along with rising labor costs and production safety are three major challenges facing sports and fashion manufacturing. At Henkel Lifestyle, we are committed to offering industry-leading sustainable solutions for every key application we serve, from sports and dress shoes to textile-apparels, intimate wear, and fashion accessories.

Accelerating Sustainable Lifestyle Innovation

We are collaborating with brands to accelerate sustainable lifestyle innovation, from sustainable raw materials transformation to efficient production and ultimately target to reshape the manufacturing standard for recyclability and circularity.

Sports and Fashion Product Portfolio

Henkel offers a wide selection of adhesive solutions for the production of clothing,  shoes, and accessories.


Our innovative seamless adhesive dispensing technology is currently being used to produce comfortable and functional underwear, sportswear, and outdoor apparel that embodies the athleisure trend sought after by consumers today. Not only seamless clothing is breathable and water-resistant, but they are also environmentally friendly, thanks to our innovative sustainable processes. Learn more about how Henkel adhesive solutions can cut costs while pushing the boundaries of the fashion with our revolutionary new adhesive technology.

Sports Shoes

As a leader in adhesive technologies, we develop innovative shoe manufacturing adhesives based on fluctuating marketing dynamics and trends. We understand that sport shoe manufacturers and designers are up against two significant challenges when it comes to production: speed and cost. Henkel’s broad range of adhesive products can support you at all stages of the manufacturing process. We work with partners in the sports shoe industry and combine their expert knowledge with our own chemical expertise to create long-lasting advantages in shoe production.

Dress Shoes

Henkel offers adhesives for dress shoe and sandal production that ensure high quality bonding of leather, synthetic PU and other materials. Along with sustainability and low odor, our portfolio of adhesives for dress shoe manufacturing include cleaning, priming, stock-fitting, and assembly.


Henkel provides optimized adhesive solutions that not only meet fashion and shoe manufacturing requirements but that can also be used to manufacture accessories and equipment, from balls and bags to boats. We offer a diverse technology portfolio designed for manufacturing techniques including, water-based adhesives, toluene-free adhesives, cyanoacrylates, hotmelt, and PUR hotmelt adhesives.

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