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Proactive maintenance can help prevent costly unplanned downtime.  The challenge is keeping up with your preventive maintenance activities while keeping your teams trained, your equipment operating, and driving productivity. Our LOCTITE® experts are here to help.

By partnering with your team, we can conduct a survey of your maintenance operations and follow this up with a maintenance reliability workshop to address your specific challenges.  This will equip your maintenance staff with the knowledge and cutting-edge LOCTITE® tools to address whatever problems come along.

Don’t let little problems become big ones.

#1 Plant Survey

LOCTITE® maintenance engineers come visit your facility.

#2 Maintenance improvement

We identify how to prevent the Most Common Equipment Failures That Can Lead To Downtime   

#3 Maintenance Training

Maintenance experts trained to implement a proactive maintenance process throughout their facility with LOCTITE® solutions.

#4 Get closer to zero unplanned downtime

Provide cost savings & limit unplanned downtime. 

LOCTITE® Preventive maintenance solutions

With a full compliment of maintenance adhesives, repair epoxies lubricants, coatings and sealants, Henkel can repair and improve the reliability of almost any piece of equipment and machinery. Our goal is to work with you to approach maintenance reliability as a continuous improvement effort. What do we bring to the team?

Key expertise we can provide to your team

Loctite Pump Repair

LOCTITE® is more than quality products – we provide solutions to many of the biggest challenges you face. See typical applications we can provide to your teams to repair and protect your pumps, and much more devices:

Customer Success Stories with LOCTITE®

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