Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Reduce downtime, streamline repairs and lower costs proactively with Henkel products and services tailored to your maintenance operations.

Keep your business moving with proactive servicing and maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime. Scheduled servicing, along with effective maintenance and repair ensures your production line machinery delivers optimal performance. 

Avoid expensive fixes and replacement costs with preventative, rather than reactive, maintenance, all while keeping your teams trained, your equipment operational and your productivity levels high.

Explore Henkel products, from threadlockers to gasket sealants, designed to lock parts in place, prevent leakage and reduce repair-related downtime. Or benefit from our expertise with a range of maintenance services, including seminars and on-site audits and training.

Why Choose LOCTITE® Maintenance and Repair Solutions?

LOCTITE® solutions for maintenance, repair and operations, also known as MRO, or industrial maintenance, ensures your key machinery is reliable and working at optimal levels. This helps increase uptime and productivity within your plant. 

Missing repair dates, or scheduling maintenance too far apart, can lead to breakdowns and downtime. A proactive approach, along with the right products, can keep your plant running more efficiently for longer. 

Downtime can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars for every hour heavy machinery is out of action. With LOCTITE® maintenance and repair services, you can identify common pain points in advance, plan repairs around your schedule and avoid costly, unplanned downtime.


Industrial Maintenance Challenges

Disparate maintenance schedules are one of the biggest challenges plant managers face. Scheduled maintenance can identify issues earlier, so you can fix machines when business operations allow. 

Put this plan into action with Henkel. We can ensure your maintenance schedules are prepared with expert knowledge, process audits and the right tool or product identification for every task. 


Key Industrial Maintenance and Repair Statistics

Learn more about what’s happening in the global industrial maintenance and repair sector with our look at key trends and stats.   

Benefits of LOCTITE® MRO Solutions

Keep your teams trained and equipment operating to drive productivity with Henkel’s industrial maintenance services solutions, from industry-leading products to expert services and support.

Solutions that incorporate LOCTITE® services, alongside adhesives, epoxies, coatings and sealants, can help your business:

  • Develop a more proactive approach
  • Reduce costly downtime 
  • Enhance reliability of operations
  • Lower overall operating costs

Our expertise brings practical improvements to your maintenance operations. Equip your team with the right tools and skills to identify and resolve problems efficiently to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Book an in-plant survey to empower your plant managers with bespoke insights from LOCTITE®. Our maintenance engineers identify process issues and equip your maintenance staff with the plans, knowledge and tools to address every problem they face. 

LOCTITE® maintenance and repair services include:

In-plant survey

Get hands-on help as LOCTITE® maintenance engineers survey your maintenance operations. Our engineers identify areas for improvements and cost savings.

Maintenance improvement 

Our experts help you identify and prevent the most common equipment failures with the right products and strategies.

Maintenance training

Our hands-on, on-site training reviews common failures and teaches your team how to avoid these with a proactive maintenance routine.

Reduce downtime

Improve cost savings, streamline your operations and boost reliability when you implement your bespoke LOCTITE® maintenance solutions.

Maintenance and Repair Applications

Find out how expertise and products from LOCTITE® can ensure your maintenance and repair strategies are as effective as possible, reducing unplanned downtime and maximizing productivity.

Pump repair

LOCTITE® maintenance solutions are at the heart of effective pump repair, keeping a vast array of operations running. Find out how LOCTITE® products can address key repair applications in your industrial pumps.


Find an MRO Product

Our wide range of products helps to keep your operations running for longer, increasing the time between breakdowns and eliminating the risk of failure. Discover our full suite of maintenance adhesives, repair epoxies, lubricants, coatings and sealants. 

Each one works to reduce downtime and improve the reliability of almost any piece of equipment and machinery by:

  • Preventing mechanical failures
  • Eliminating leakages
  • Improving repairs and extending equipment life

Our Success Stories

Learn more about how LOCTITE® products and services have helped clients improve their maintenance and repair capabilities.

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