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A growing global population coupled with the increasing electrification has resulted in historic demands on power conversion. Harnessing technology innovation in power generation, storage and delivery reduces complexity, raises efficiency, and provides more reliable energy.

AC/DC power supplies for end applications, distribution systems, data centers, and systems that enable DC power, mobile power, microgrids, alternative energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure are transforming to efficiently capture, convert and store energy to serve the global needs of industry and individuals. To achieve these ambitious goals, radical changes in electronic design that increase complexity are putting big pressure on material and component systems.

At Henkel, our scientists and engineers are developing electronic material solutions that are fueling these advances by reducing operational heat, protecting systems from harsh environments, providing electrical interconnect integrity, and extending in-service lifetimes. Building performance and reliability in power systems is what we do.

Material Solutions for Power Supplies & Power Conversion

Power supply and conversion technologies require materials that protect and bond various components while effectively dissipating heat. At the same time, designers and engineers working in power conversion are under increasing pressure to expand the integrated communication connectivity and functional capability of power devices. Simultaneously, this added proficiency must be achieved within smaller dimensions while maintaining the reliability and cost targets that customers require. 

Henkel’s materials play a critical role in producing power supplies by enabling structural bonding, electrical connection, component protection and thermal management so that electrical connections are secure, structures are durable, and function is dependable. Our high-performance product solutions include materials for power supply assembly, power electronics packaging, AC-DC & DC-DC supply protection and many other applications. 

Henkel’s material solutions for power supply and conversion systems include:

Thermal Management

Smaller dimensions, higher densities and more powerful components are turning up the heat, literally. Power supplies and conversion systems work more reliably and efficiently when their operating temperatures are well-controlled, and that’s what Henkel materials enable. From liquid TIMs to award-winning GAP PAD materials to phase change and thermal adhesive solutions, power devices work better with Henkel. Learn about our complete line of thermal materials.

Protection Solutions

Power systems need to function continuously and reliably – so avoiding contamination and minimizing the effects of operational stress is a priority for designers. For decades, design engineers have put their trust in Henkel’s protective materials. From conformal coatings to component underfills, and potting to gasketing materials, our formulations offer robust protection for system longevity and reliability. Find out why more power systems run on Henkel.

Bonding Solutions

Effective bonding materials help reduce processing steps and costs while streamlining device dimensions. Our range of bonding formulations - including threadlockers, assembly adhesives and thermally conductive adhesives - improve the bottom line and eliminate the need for mechanical hardware. Durability-enhancing and life-extending, Henkel bonding materials are trusted around the world by top power supply manufacturers.

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