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When a piece of equipment, area of concrete, flooring, pipe, or conveyer belt needs to be repaired, Henkel is there to help you with your industrial repair needs. Our repair materials span industrial application areas to provide what you need when you need it. Industrial downtime is costly and being prepared for unexpected industrial repairs and maintenance operations are crucial for businesses across industries. Our repair material kits combine high-quality materials in portable carrying cases that include easy-to-follow instructions for use. Discover the many different repair materials we offer by following the links below.   

In addition to the industrial repair material mentioned below, Henkel also offers activators and additives for repair material kits that can be bought individually. This allows our customers to order more activators or additives apart from the entire kit. Henkel also machinery repair material which includes machining compounds for polishing and lapping applications as well as cylinder lapping materials for different individual applications. 

Contact us today and our team of experts can help you find what you are looking for regarding industrial repair materials. 

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To learn more about our repair materials, download the PDFs below.

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