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Today’s electronics are more powerful and functional than ever before, even as their footprints are becoming smaller and highly customized. 

This convergence has increased power densities exponentially, raising operating temperatures and underscoring the need for highly-capable adhesives, thermal management, protection and interconnect materials.

Power & Industrial Automation Challenges

Balancing the challenges of next-generation industrial manufacturing and the increasing consumption of power, Henkel customers are designing systems that fulfil consumer desires and address production realities.

Some of the key trend drivers and challenges the industry is facing include:  

  • Higher power density
  • Higher reliability requirements
  • Increased functionality
  • More sustainable processes and products
  • More efficient power conversion

Our material solutions are driving value for the industrial automation and power conversion market through high-performance formulas that secure steady operation with effective thermal management, durable adhesion, efficient protection, reliable electrical function and long-term sustainability.


Power & Industrial Automation Solutions

With advanced material solutions that form the foundation of today’s motors, drives, controllers, power supplies, renewable energy conversion and storage devices, Henkel performance and reliability are built into the technologies that keep the world running. 

Our broad range of complementary materials offers a range of solutions, including: 

  • Robust thermal management for maximum reliability
  • Protection against harsh and challenging environmental factors
  • Strong structural bonding for long-term durability
  • High-integrity electrical interconnection

Beyond the diverse portfolio of performance products, Henkel’s total solutions approach includes: 

  • World-class manufacturing and warehousing facilities in all regions
  • Local technical and sales support
  • Comprehensive analytical capability and technical expertise in chemistry, materials science, and engineering


Henkel’s material solutions and services enhance reliability and improve efficiency in industrial applications including:

Material Solutions for Industrial Automation

Henkel’s materials for the industrial automation industry help dissipate heat, protect electronics from corrosive environments, absorb the stress of mechanical shocks and vibrations, and provide high reliability interconnects that result in high yields and unfailing performance.

Material Solutions for Power Supplies & Power Conversion

Our materials play a critical role in producing power supplies by enabling structural bonding, electrical connection, component protection and thermal management so that electrical connections are secure, structures are durable and function is dependable.

Explore Our Product Solutions

Our industry leading products are designed to address the key challenges faced in industrial automation and power conversion, improving performance and reliability of applications. Key products in industrial automation and power conversion applications include:

Thermal Management Materials

Ensure optimal heat dissipation and control in electronic assemblies with LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermal management products.

Structural Adhesives

Achieve longer-lasting, reliable bonding and sealing with structural adhesives designed for a range of applications and surface types.

Gasketing Sealants

Improve flange sealing and gasket performance with LOCTITE® gasket solutions. An effective alternative to mechanical gaskets.

Conformal Coatings

Uncompromising reliability, dispensability, flexibility, thermal shock performance, cure speed and cost-effectiveness.

Potting Compounds for the Ultimate Protection of Electronics

Potting compounds protect against environmental influence, improve mechanical strength & high electrical insulation.

Low Pressure Molding

Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective TECNHOMELT® materials.

Resources for Industrial Automation & Power Conversion

Find the right information about material solutions for specific applications in our brochures and selection guides.

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