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Reduce downtime, streamline repairs, and lower costs proactively with Henkel products and services.

Disparate maintenance schedules are one of the biggest challenges plant managers face. Scheduled maintenance can identify issues earlier, so you can fix machines when business operations allow. It is important to keep your business moving with proactive servicing and maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime. Scheduled servicing, along with effective maintenance and repair ensures your production machinery delivers optimal performance.

Avoid expensive fixes and replacement costs with preventative, rather than reactive maintenance, all while keeping your teams trained, your equipment operational and your productivity levels high. LOCTITE® solutions for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) ensures your key machinery is reliable and working at optimal levels. This helps increase uptime and productivity within your plant. 

As a leading industrial MRO supplies and assistance, Henkel offers industrial maintenance services and products that ensure that your facility operations keep moving. Henkel’s LOCTITE® industrial maintenance products and solutions reduce repair-related downtime or avoid it altogether. You can also benefit from our expertise with a range of maintenance services, including training programs and on-site audits.

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Benefits of LOCTITE® MRO Solutions

A proactive maintenance approach, along with the right products, can keep your plant running more efficiently for longer. Missing repair dates, or scheduling maintenance too far apart, can lead to breakdowns and downtime. Even the most seasoned and knowledgeable repair teams require the right materials to augment their maintenance processes. Our proactive maintenance solutions help find and solve problems before they lead to downtime and increased costs. As a leading industrial MRO supplier, we have developed our LOCTITE® product line to provide the materials necessary to keep your facility in working order that fit seamlessly within existing maintenance procedures.

Downtime can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars for every hour heavy machinery is out of action. With LOCTITE® industrial maintenance and repair services, you can identify common pain points in advance, plan repairs around your schedule, and avoid costly, unplanned downtime.

Keep your teams trained and equipment operating efficiently to drive productivity with LOCTITE® industrial maintenance services solutions, from industry-leading products to expert services and support. Solutions that incorporate LOCTITE® services, alongside adhesives, epoxies, coatings, and sealants, can help your business:

  • Develop a more proactive approach
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Enhance reliability of operations
  • Lower overall operating costs

Our expertise brings practical improvements to your maintenance operations. Equip your team with the right tools and skills to identify and resolve problems efficiently to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Key Industrial Maintenance and Repair Statistics

Learn more about what’s happening in the global industrial maintenance and repair sector with our look at key trends and stats.   

Rotating Equipment

Our industrial MRO materials include products designed specifically for pumps, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, fans, blowers, centrifuges, conveyor systems, and other areas. Our product solutions include threadlockers, sealants, rebuilding and surface preparation materials, protective coatings, and more.

Static Equipment

Henkel’s industrial MRO products for static equipment are available for a number of different repair and maintenance applications. These products help to repair and maintain several different areas such as pipes, storage tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, flotation cells, screens/filters, and more. LOCTITE® products for static equipment include rust converters, sealants, putties, epoxies, protective coatings, and more.

Floor Repair

Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand has a wide range of floor repair product solutions for industrial facilities and warehouses. Our industrial floor and warehouse repair products are up to the challenges that face these facilities due to heavy loads and other use pressures that cause flooring to deteriorate. LOCTITE® solutions for floor repair includes our concrete floor repair material, anti-slip floor coatings, as well as other repair materials and floor coatings to keep industrial facilities running at full speed.

Industrial Facility Solutions

Our industrial maintenance and repair products and services can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. From products that prevent failures in threaded assemblies, to making repairs in pumps, our applications help keep operations productive, reducing the impact of costly downtime and equipment failure. Some of the major industrial areas where are products and services are used includes mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, power generation plants, and wastewater treatment plants.

Mines and Quarries

Mining equipment and machinery maintenance is essential in the demanding environment of mines and quarries. LOCTITE® products have been proven to keep mining equipment in top operating condition through applications that are fast and easy to use. The result is increased uptime and improved efficiency at your mine’s processing plant. Our mining equipment and machinery maintenance solutions include repair materials for convey belts, rubber liners, crushers, chutes, ball mills, and pipes/ducts/elbows. LOCTITE® repair solutions do not require special skills or equipment to implement and can be performed by your in-house maintenance teams.

Oil and Gas Refineries

Daily wear and tear on equipment is a constant challenge at petrochemical plants, as well as onshore and offshore refineries. The challenges that confront oil and gas refinery maintenance operations are immense and LOCTITE® solutions from Henkel address those challenges in ways that minimize downtime, improve safety, and save money.

There are many product solutions Henkel offers to increase the reliability of your oil and gas production facilities. Our oil and gas refinery maintenance solutions include materials for composite pipe repair, shafts, gearboxes, floors, heat exchanges, tanks, and more.

Power Generation Plants

Consistent uptime is critical in power generation plants – Henkel helps you maximize production with LOCTITE® products backed by more than 65 years of experience in the power generation industry. Our power plant maintenance solutions are widely used and trusted in conventional thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and nuclear power plants and include sealants, putties, threadlockers, and bonding materials.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Since downtime for some essential facilities is out of the question, wastewater treatment plant maintenance takes an oversized importance. LOCTITE® provides trusted and high-quality industrial MRO materials for wastewater treatment plants that can be used for conveyer belts, flooring, pumps, tanks, and more across water treatment facilities.  
Here are some of the areas Henkel solutions making a difference in wastewater treatment plant maintenance:

  • Increasing reliability by repairing concrete damage caused by high usage
  • Saving time by maximizing conveyor uptime
  • Improving safety by eliminating hazardous slips and falls
  • Reducing cost by avoiding part replacement

Maintenance and Repair Services

Book an in-plant survey to empower your plant management teams with bespoke insights from LOCTITE®. Our maintenance engineers identify process issues and provide industrial maintenance assistance by equipping your maintenance staff with the plans, knowledge, and tools to address every problem they face.

LOCTITE® industrial maintenance and repair services include in-plant surveys, maintenance reliability workshops, and other cost-savings solutions for your facility.

In-plant survey

Get hands-on help as LOCTITE® maintenance engineers survey your maintenance operations. Our engineers identify areas for improvements and cost savings.

Maintenance improvement 

Our experts help you identify and prevent the most common equipment failures with the right products and strategies.

Maintenance training

Our hands-on, on-site training reviews common failures and teaches your team how to avoid these with a proactive maintenance routine.

Reduce downtime

Improve cost savings, streamline your operations and boost reliability when you implement your bespoke LOCTITE® maintenance solutions.

Find an MRO Product

Our wide range of industrial maintenance products are available through industrial MRO suppliers to help keep operations running for longer, increasing the time between breakdowns and eliminating the risk of failure. Discover our full suite of industrial MRO supplies that includes maintenance adhesives, repair epoxies, lubricants, coatings, and sealants. 

Each one works to reduce downtime and improve the reliability of almost any piece of equipment and machinery by:

  • Preventing mechanical failures
  • Eliminating leakages
  • Improving repairs and extending equipment life

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When moving parts don’t seize, it can mean costly downtime and expensive part and machine replacement.

LOCTITE®’s preventative maintenance process is backed by solutions from the world’s number one adhesives producer. It is an effective way to avoid equipment failure and extend the life of your technology assets.

Not Just Products – People

The LOCTITE® team has the experience, knowledge, and solutions to optimise your maintenance efforts. Our professional MRO specialists start with plant evaluations, documenting the cost impacts of chronic issues, to improve the efficiency of your production processes. Our customised training workshops are specific to your needs, resulting in better efficiency, bigger cost savings and reduced downtime.

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