From nicotine to hormones and pain relief, it’s hard to imagine a world without convenient medical patches. With almost 60 years of experience in acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives, expert technical service, complete regulatory support, and manufacturing capability in North America and Europe, Henkel has the experience, resources and expertise to make your transdermal project a success.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] reliable!

Stick it on and forget about it: Medical patches can take the hassle out of drug delivery. Discover how our innovative solutions for transdermal applications can enable you to achieve your desired efficacy for your products!

We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Our high-impact solutions are created with consumers in mind – how can our adhesives experts help you to [be more] for your customers?

Sticking to health

With over 20 acrylic copolymers in the portfolio, we offer a variety of compositions and performance properties that can work with most drug formulations.

Henkel's Drug Delivery Polymer at a Glance

Henkel's unique polymer/drug technology makes transdermal patches adhere while delivering the active pharmaceutical ingredient at a constant rate.

Advanced Adhesive Solutions for Drug Delivery Systems

Henkel has been an integral part of the transdermal market since its inception. As a global leader in acrylic polymers for transdermal drug delivery, Henkel’s Duro-Tak and Gelva pressure sensitive adhesives are approved in over 50 unique commercial patches marketed in the Americas, Australia, Mainland China, Europe, India, Japan and Korea.

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