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General purpose thread sealing cord, which results in an immediate, full pressure seal – no cure time needed – and allows reliable re-adjustments. Designed for sealing metal and plastic pipes and fittings, it has approval for gas and potable water and is certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61.
When you need a quick, easy, and reliable seal, choose LOCTITE® 55. Recommended for sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings, this non-curing, general-purpose sealing cord is wound from the dispensing package onto the threads of the pipe. Capable of sealing up to 4" diameter threaded pipes, it is perfect for use in industrial, commercial and residential plumbing applications for aqueous and non-aqueous fluids. Ideal for threaded assembly applications that require immediate use and potentially small readjustments, it also has DVGW/KTW approval for gas and potable water. 
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Màu Sắc Trắng
Nhiệt Độ Vận hành -55.0 - 150.0 °C (-65.0 - 300.0 °F )
Phê duyệt / Chứng nhận / Thông số kỹ thuật của Đại lý DVGW, KTW, NSF
Ứng Dụng Niêm Phong Ren