Where Are Henkel Solutions Making a Difference?

  • Brushable ceramics that promote longer equipment life
  • Rubber repair kits that restore conveyer belts in four hours
  • High temperature coating solutions that are more effective than welding
  • Solutions that reduce downtime and save money

Here’s Where Henkel Can Help

Downtime is critical in power generation plants – Henkel helps you maximise production with products backed by more than 65 years of experience in the power generation industry.

Our solutions are widely used and trusted in conventional thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and nuclear power plants.

LOCTITE® PC 7000: A Breakthrough in High Temperature Coatings

One of the most difficult maintenance challenges in thermal power plants is persistent wear on coal burner tips, nozzles and internal components. That’s why we developed LOCTITE® PC 7000, a new high temperature, abrasion resistant coating that represents a true breakthrough in power generation maintenance.

LOCTITE® PC 7000 not only protects coal tip burners and other equipment in boilers from temperatures up to 1100ºC, it also provides a protective barrier against future abrasion and tip softening. Result? Sustained boiler efficiency and reduced unplanned downtime.

Learn more:

  • LOCTITE® PC 7000
  • Solutions for Conventional Thermal Power Plants
  • Gas Turbine Cleaner for Power Plants that Care for Turbine Efficiency

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