Protecting industrial equipment and machinery is crucial for any kind of harsh industrial environment. Industrial parts are often worn out by abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, corrosion, and mechanical damage. Parts that aren’t protected properly will not function properly and this can pose safety risks at work, leading to expensive replacement of parts.

Surface Engineering Solutions

LOCTITE® protective coatings are easily applied on surfaces of all sizes and offer the extra benefit of corrosion protection. In addition, LOCTITE® protective coatings don’t create heat stress during application.

Key Benefits

  • Restore worn surfaces and extend the life of parts, both new and old
  • Increase part efficiency
  • Save costs by avoiding part replacement and reducing spare-part inventories
  • Protect parts against abrasion, erosion, chemical attack and corrosion
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance to protect assemblies

Henkel’s Professional Application Engineering Services

At Henkel, we understand plant maintenance – and the challenge you face in ensuring reliability, safety and durability.

We partner with select industrial maintenance service providers to offer professional application engineering services along with our products. These programs deliver the manpower and skills you need to get the job done.


Inside Look: Henkel MRO Training and Application Centers

Henkel MRO Customer Partnership: New England Pump & Valve

Product Solutions

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