Protecting industrial equipment and machinery is crucial for any kind of harsh industrial environment. Industrial parts are often worn out by abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, corrosion, and mechanical damage. Parts that aren’t protected properly can require more frequent repair or replacement and unnecessary downtime. This makes protective and wear resistance coatings essential in keeping your equipment and machinery operating efficiently and minimizing downtime.

Protective and wear resistant coatings have long been a high-quality and cost-effective solution for machinery and equipment repair and maintenance across many industries. LOCTITE® industrial protective and wear resistant coatings are easily applied on surfaces of all sizes and offer the extra benefit of corrosion protection.

Key Benefits of LOCTITE® Protective and Wear Resistant Coatings:

  • Restore worn surfaces and extend the life of parts, both new and old
  • Increase part efficiency
  • Save costs by avoiding part replacement and reducing spare-part inventories
  • Protect parts against abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, and corrosion
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance to protect assemblies

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The LOCTITE® Protective Coating Product Lines

We understand that protective coating solutions must cover a wide range of applications for repairing and restoring equipment while protecting against corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. For the successful repair and restoration of equipment and machinery, facility maintenance operations require high-quality undercoatings, rustproofing, and rubber coating products that are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications.

There are many benefits associated with Henkel’s industrial protective coatings product line. LOCTITE® offers a number of products with different chemistries that include solvent and zinc-based formulations, epoxies, as well as polyurethane coatings. Henkel this includes protective coatings epoxy systems that are designed specifically for protection against corrosion and chemical attacks as well as abrasion and erosion. Moreover, we also supply specialty coatings that cover a number of protective coating needs. Our protective coatings can be applied with methods such as spraying, brushing, dipping, or rolling, depending on the equipment. Find out more about our product options below.

Protective Coatings for Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is a major problem across many different industrial facilities and processes. LOCTITE® protective coatings are specifically designed for corrosion prevention and include our polyurethane and epoxy coatings as well as our rust converters and undercoating products. LOCTITE® protective coatings to prevent corrosion are also designed for different application methods such as spraying, brushing, or dipping.

Protective Coatings for Metal and Steel

Protective coatings for metals (and especially for steel) are essential for industrial maintenance and repair operations. Equipment and machinery made from steel and other metals are expensive to replace and it will typically make more financial sense to repair this equipment with protective coating materials. The LOCTITE® protective coating product line offers many different solutions for the repair and restoration of metal or steel machinery. These protective coatings are essential not only for machinery repair, but also contribute to long-term resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and wear so your machinery works better and you can minimize downtime.

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Wear Resistant Coatings

Our wear resistant coatings include both impact resistant coatings and abrasion resistant coatings that are used across industries to effectively minimize the effects of wear, impact, corrosion, and different types of abrasion.

Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coatings

LOCTITE® brushable ceramic coatings utilize the strong wear properties of abrasion resistant ceramic coatings as well as the convenience of two-part epoxies to protect equipment like pumps, chutes, and augers in harsh industrial environments. Abrasion resistant ceramic coatings from LOCTITE® resist chemical attacks and help rebuild and renew worn parts and surfaces. The LOCTITE® product line also includes sliding abrasion coatings that are specially designed to resist the wear associated when surface slide against one another.

Impact Resistance Coatings

Specialized impact resistance coatings are ideally suited for applications that involve large particle impact. With LOCTITE® impact resistance coatings, your machinery can be repaired and put back in service, avoiding costly replacement of parts. Our impact resistant coatings are designed for quick and easy application and help reduce downtime.

Wear Resistant Coatings for Steel

Steel is one of the common metal substrates that is used to build industrial machinery and equipment. Henkel’s LOCTITE® product line offers wear and abrasion and resistant coatings for steel that help restore parts and extend their useful life.

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Industrial Applications

For industrial repair and maintenance applications, the materials used determine whether your efforts are successful or not. Henkel is a trusted supplier of reliable protective and wear resistant coating materials across a wide range of industries whether it is mining, oil and gas, power facilities, or wastewater plants. Our extensive product line has the right protective material chemistries and application options to make sure you have what you need to be back up and running quickly.   

At Henkel, we understand plant maintenance and the challenges you face in ensuring reliability, safety, and durability. We partner with select industrial maintenance service providers to offer professional application engineering services along with our products. These programs deliver the manpower and skills you need to get the job done.

Further Information

To find out more about our protective and wear resistance coatings, download the following PDFs.

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