Failure and unscheduled repairs of rotating equipment used in wastewater plants, mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, and power generation plants can lead to expensive delays. Loosening of bolts caused by vibration, impact, and thermal expansion and contraction can cause a loss of clamp load, which can lead to shaft misalignment and other premature failures. For this reason, it is important to perform routine checks of rotating equipment.

As a global leader of adhesives, sealants, and coating materials, Henkel’s extensive portfolio of LOCTITE® solutions are designed to increase the reliability, maintainability, and operating life of rotating equipment while preventing unnecessary downtime across a wide range of industries.

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Rotating Equipment Product Solution

The LOCTITE® portfolio of product solutions for rotating equipment satisfies various needs across a wide range of industries, including wastewater plants, mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, and power generation plants. These products include threadlockers for preventing corrosion and securing mounting bolts to maintain proper shaft alignment, thread sealants for preventing lubricant and fluid leaks within threaded fittings, gasket sealants that are ideal maintaining reliable flange assemblies, retaining compounds for preventing spun bearings and keyway wallow, as well as anti-seize compounds to prevent corrosion from locking and preventing adjustment of jack bolts, gland follower nuts, and other assemblies.

Our range of rotating equipment product solutions are designed for the following applications:

  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Engine & Turbines
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Centrifuges
  • Conveyor Systems


Pumps and motors are vital across many industrial operations. They exist to move liquids through key areas of plants. This mainly involves supplying fluids or evacuating fluids to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Pumps come in various sizes and configuration, depending on the required application and industry. Industries, such as wastewater plants, mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, and power generation plants all rely on pumps transferring fluids from one process area to another. Pumps are critical to many of the operations within all of these facilities.

Breakdowns in industrial pumps can be costly to your business. If a pump fails, everything can grind to a halt, especially when there are no redundant or backup systems in place. This can lead to significant downtime and costs while you replace or repair parts. Because of this, it’s vitally important to use proven solutions and to have the right parts and products to get your pumps back up and running as quickly as possible.

Having a strategy in place to optimize your industrial pump maintenance and repair is also vital. Part of this strategy should define who manages repairs and whether you use onsite trained and skilled engineers or outside contractors. This will largely depend on the size and nature of your operations, as both can impact your planning, costs, and downtime differently. 

Find the right products and pump repair and maintenance services to avoid failure and minimize pump-related downtime with LOCTITE®. We offer on-site expertise and a range of products designed to keep your pumps operating better for longer.

Pump Repair Challenges

Whatever your industry, pumps are at the heart of keeping things moving. Therefore, you need them to be functioning at their best at all times. Like all types of machinery, pumps will suffer wear over time which can cause downtime. This can be caused by abrasion, mechanical damage, or corrosion. Additionally, various internal and external factors can cause parts to fail, which leads to costly pump breakdowns.

Vibration and torsion, which are both part of the normal operating conditions of your pumps, can also lead to issues with shaft misalignment. This creates challenges in the effective operation of pump-motor installations and can severely reduce the mean time between failures (MTBF). For this reason, it is important to prevent common shaft misalignment causes during your centrifugal pump maintenance and ensure that you get the full operating life of your bearings and seals by maintaining proper shaft alignment. If you need to make a worn shaft repair, centrifugal pump volute repair, or perform a complete overhaul, our extensive LOCTITE® portfolio of pump repair products offer reliability and proven high-quality results.

LOCTITE® Pump Repair Products

Pumps perform the critical process of fluid movement without the need for human intervention. Knowing how to carry out repair and maintenance on your pumps is vital for maximizing uptime. But it all starts with knowing where the most likely pump breakdowns are, which parts of your pump are susceptible to these, and ensuring you have the right product for the job.

To keep your pumps working properly and your operation running efficiently, LOCTITE® is your ideal partner for industrial pump repair and maintenance. Our product solutions cover the full range dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps, including centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary pumps

Explore the range of LOCTITE® industrial pump repair solutions below or book a consultation to find out how our experts can help you keep your pumps up and running.

Eliminating Loosening

Rotating movement is a key and basic operation of pumps. But this constant movement can cause problems with loosening of set screws, bolts, fitted components, and others. Without the right security in place, these components can loosen prematurely and have a direct negative effect on operational efficiency.

Vibration, impact, torsional stresses, and temperature fluctuations can all take their toll on different aspects of a pump, leading to loosening and cylindrical assembly failure. 

Threadlockers provide an effective solution to resist the effects of these forces. They secure multiple important parts within your pumps by preventing loosening, while ensuring clamp load is maintained.  They also prevent bolt seizure caused by corrosion.

Pump parts that are typically susceptible to loosening include:

  • Mounting bolts
  • Casing bolts
  • Adapter bolts
  • Set screws
  • Flange bolts

Preventing Threaded Fitting Leaks

As industrial pumps move liquids and other fluids from one place to another, leaks can be costly and lead to substantial downtime, or even cause safety issues within your plant.

Leaks within threaded fittings can cause a loss of lubricant or coolant, which can lead to catastrophic failure of a pump. Whether this is the lubricant within the power end or coolants for mechanical seals or glands, leaks within these fittings can be caused by vibrational loosening, installation errors, or an ineffective sealant being used. All of these causes can result in a critical component failure and ultimately prevent continuous operation of a pump.

LOCTITE® thread sealants work by effectively filling the spaces within threaded parts and provide an instant, low-pressure seal that prevents fluid leaks that can cause costly downtime. Seal threaded fittings to avoid costs and failures related to lubricant leaks.

Filling Mechanical Fitting Gaps

Mechanical fitting methods sometimes leave gaps between fitted parts, which may cause both flange assembly and cylindrical assembly failures. Pump flange gaskets can be made more reliable by filling gaps in flange surfaced with LOCTITE® flange sealants. LOCTITE® retaining compounds offer superior strength and gap filling capability with fast cure speeds for mounting bearings effectively and quickly to shafts or housings. Additionally, our range of LOCTITE® machine base grout products are non-shrinking epoxies that effectively fill pump mounting bases. These machine base grouts offer high compression strength to ensure a reliable and rigid base to reduce vibrations for optimal operation of your pump and motor assemblies. 

Reducing Corrosion

Different liquids coming into contact with metal casings and components in your pumps and temperature fluctuations can lead to a risk of corrosion. This includes both internal and external parts.

Most industrial pumps operate in harsh conditions. They’re often exposed to high humidity and moisture, high temperatures, and chemicals in both indoor and outdoor environments. All of these factors can promote corrosion and seizure of parts. 

Corrosion can affect many parts of a pump, including:

  • Pump bases
  • Gland assembly nuts
  • Jack bolts

Anti-seize compounds can protect your assemblies against seizure to such vital areas, which allows you to properly maintain your equipment.

Our LOCTITE® sprayable ceramic pump coatings and chemical resistant coatings protect the surface of pump exteriors and pump bases against chemical attack. Chemical attack and corrosion can quickly degrade these valuable assets.

Rebuilding Worn Elements

Slurry abrasion, cavitation, and general use over time can all cause wear within pumps. The cutwater within the pump volute is a common area of high wear and needs protection and oftentimes rebuilding.

Certain parts of your pumps are more susceptible to wear. These include the:

  • Volute
  • Shaft
  • Impeller

Reduce the effect of wear and protect these parts by applying protective pump coatings to impellers volutes before putting them to use and during pump overhauls and rebuilds.

Using retaining compounds to prevent bearing spinout and wear on shafts. Use LOCTITE® metal rebuilding compounds to repair worn shafts and restore them to their original dimensions. 

Additional Equipment


Gearboxes play an important role in mechanical systems used in the refinery and petrochemical industries. In order to convert crude oil into products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, the gearboxes need to work smoothly and reliably. Any delays or malfunctions can cause lead to expensive consequences. For this reason, it is important to use high-quality and reliable products to reduce and eliminate unnecessary downtimes.

Henkel offers a range of gearbox and gasket sealer that offer high performance protection, and that securely seal the gearbox against contaminants and other harmful factors. Our LOCTITE® gearbox sealant solutions provide reliable gasketing for any size gasket and are perfect for a range of machine mounting applications.

Our gearbox sealing products also include gasket removers and cleaners, as well as thread and flange sealants. Additionally, our LOCTITE® machine base grout products are the perfect solution for gearbox base rebuilding.


Reliable seals in compressor fittings prevent leaks and keep processes running smoothly and avoid unnecessary downtimes. Henkel’s range of compressor thread sealants offers an effective and reliable method to tightly seal pipes to prevent any leakage of gases and liquids. Designed for high and low-pressure applications, our LOCTITE® thread sealants are easy to apply and can be used on any size of pipe fitting.

Engines & Turbines

As the primary driver of modern machinery, engines and turbines need to function reliably. Since engine failure and repairs can lead to costly downtimes, taking proactive maintenance measures can help prevent breakdowns or unscheduled repairs and help improve the service life of the machine.

Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® threadlockers help keep the motor in place and maintain its alignment. Flange sealants and water pump gasket materials protect and seal the motor housing against foreign particles and the ingression of moisture which can reduce the overall performance of the motor. 

Fans & Blowers

Corrosion, wear, misalignment, and imbalance are common issues that can cause a wide range of problems with fans and blowers. LOCTITE® solutions include threadlockers for maintaining shaft alignment, coatings to protect fan and blower impellers and housings from wear and also the buildup of dust. 

Properly preparing surfaces before applying a LOCTITE® coating is a vital step that help ensure a reliable and long-lasting repair. LOCTITE® surface cleaners and sprayable ceramic adhesives help to prolong the working life of fans and blowers, as well as makes cleaning and removing dust and powder much easier.


Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® products and solutions help to simplify routine maintenance of centrifuge machine repairs. These solutions can help to increase performance and efficiency of centrifuges while improving the working life of components. Due to the rotational movement of centrifuges, using LOCTITE® threadlockers is a critical step that can help maintain shaft alignment by preventing loosening of fasteners. Retaining compounds help ensure a reliable and long-lasting fit between cylindrical assemblies. Our multi-purpose epoxies can be used to repair and rebuild the inside surface of the bowl.

High-quality coatings can help protect surfaces. Our LOCTITE® chemical resistance coating and sprayable or brushable ceramic coatings help prevent against corrosion while filling any small holes or gaps. When it comes to centrifuge rebuilding,

Henkel’s LOCTITE® Superior Metal easily restores worn flange surfaces, shafts, and other metal components. LOCTITE® epoxy machine base grouts fills can be used to fill the mounting base and provides a chemical resistant foundation with superior compression strength. Additionally, cracks, splitting and chipping of the concrete foundation can be repaired with our concrete repair solutions.

Conveyor Systems

Vibrations and dynamic loads can cause loosening in conveyor systems. Using LOCTITE® threadlockers helps to prevent and protect against loosening and corrosion of fasteners and bearings. LOCTITE® threadlockers can help ensure that your conveyor components remain aligned for optimal operation of the conveyor system. LOCTITE® belt repair products can protect belt splices and also fill gouges in belt surfaces to help maximize the operating life of your conveyor belts. High impact wearing compounds will protect the discharge feed chutes of a conveyor system. Ceramic tile adhesives can be used to bond the ceramic wear tiles onto inlet and discharge chutes.

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