Unique adhesive solutions for unique medical product challenges

The medical, medical electronic and drug delivery engineers, specialists and chemists at Henkel realize that your product design solution is unique, so your Henkel material solution must be as well.Henkels technical expertise, low-risk partnership proposition, innovation philosophy, global support infrastructure and history as a leading formulator of market-leading materials ensure that we enable the future advancement of the medical device design.

For medical tapes, we provide you with a full range of hotmelts, water-based, solvent acrylic as well as UV acrylic adhesives that offer excellent adhesion while being gentle to the skin, anchorage to different carriers used in medical applications and good breathability.

Henkel knows that quality and consistency are paramount in the pharmaceutical industry, assuring the delivery systems developer, drug marketer, and the patient that the patch will adhere and deliver the drug as designed. We have the experience, resources and expertise to make your transdermal project a success.

For the medical electronic device industry Henkel offers high reliability, proven assembly solutions like electrically conductive inks & adhesives, encapsulation, underfill, solder and film materials. Such solutions are used in the assembly of cardio & neuro stimulation devices, moisture detecting sensors, ECG and TENS electrodes.

Medical Device Industry

Improved access to healthcare, more patient self-monitoring, and a drive toward less invasive devices and procedures are challenging traditional medical electronics. With the increasing cost of traditional healthcare, innovators in the field of medical electronics are developing new solutions for remote diagnostics and physician reporting “ all designed to control costs more effectively while simultaneously delivering better patient care. With high-reliability materials formulated specifically for fail-safe medical applications, Henkel has delivered decades of electronic materials solutions for a wide range of medical devices “ from biological sensors to implantable microelectronic assemblies to advanced diagnostic equipment.

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