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Henkel’s BERGQUIST brand of highly-engineered, thermally-conductive liquids are specifically designed to support optimized dispensing control with excellent thermal and mechanical performance. Dispensed in a liquid state, the material creates virtually zero stress on components during assembly It can be used to interface and conform to the most intricate topographies and multilevel surfaces. They provide infinite-thickness coverage for uneven board topography.

Henkel has teamed with the highly respected automated dispensing equipment companies of Musashi Engineering, RAMPF, Scheugenpflug AG, bdtronic, Graco, and Sonderhoff  to further assist our customers in creating an optimized dispensing process. Like Henkel, they are the best in the world at supplying intelligent world-class solutions. By joining in the “solutions partnership,” we amplify our capabilities as the total solution provider.

Two-Part Gap Fillers

Applying Gap Filler

Liquid Gap Filler Applications and Industries

Gap fillers are ideally suited for applications where pad configurations are not the first choice, and can be used to replace grease or potting compounds. They are currently used in many industries, including:

Resources for Gap Fillers

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