LOCTITE® Instant Adhesives are one-part, room-temperature-curing adhesives available in a wide range of viscosities. They are mostly used to create high-performance bonds with numerous materials in a few seconds: rubber, polystyrene, wood, metal, even the latest generation of plastics.

The use of instant adhesives

Instant adhesives (also known as cyanoacrylates) are easy to work with, both on automated assembly lines and in the workshop. They cure at room temperature, are mostly one-component and are available in different viscosities for your special requirements. Henkel has an extensive range of dispensing systems for instant adhesives and also manufactures devices that are specially tailored to the customer's requirements. You can download the Instant Adhesive Guide here.

Selecting the Right Instant Adhesive/Cyanoacrylate

Looking for an instant adhesive that meets specific performance criteria? Here are our top products by attribute:

Attribute Product
Surface Insensitive LOCTITE® 401™
Ultra performance LOCTITE® 402™
Rubber/ plastic bonder LOCTITE® 406™
Toughened, clear LOCTITE® 435™
Low viscosity LOCTITE® 495™
Toughened, black LOCTITE® 480™
Gel, Surface insensitive LOCTITE® 454™
Low bloom / low odour LOCTITE® 460™
Primer (for difficult surfaces) LOCTITE® SF770™
UV Plastic bonder LOCTITE® AA 3106™
Two component LOCTITE® 3090™


Need help selecting an instant adhesive for your application?

Instant Adhesives: Frequently Asked Questions