LOCTITE® Instant adhesives are one-part, room-temperature curing adhesives available in a wide range of viscosities. They are typically used for high-performance bonding of numerous materials in just seconds – rubber, polystyrene, wood, metal and even the latest generation plastics.

Using Instant Adhesives

Instant adhesives (also known as cyanoacrylates) are easy to use, whether integrated into an automated production line, or in the repair shop. They cure at room temperature, are typically single component, and are available in different viscosities to fit your exact requirements.

Henkel offers a wide selection of instant adhesive dispensing equipment and can also design and build dispensing tools to fit customer specifications.

Download the Instant Adhesives Product Selector Guide

Download the Design Guide for Bonding Plastics

Selecting the Right Instant Adhesive/Cyanoacrylate

Looking for an instant adhesive that meets specific performance criteria? Here are our top products by attribute:

Attribute Product
LOCTITE® 4902™
High Strength
LOCTITE® 3092™
High Temperature
LOCTITE® 4203™
High Toughness
LOCTITE® 4080™
Light Cure
LOCTITE® 4310™
Low Odor/Low Bloom
Surface Insensitive


Need help selecting an instant adhesive for your application? Contact us.

Instant Adhesives FAQ


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