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Today’s electronics are more powerful and functional than ever before, even as their footprints are becoming smaller and highly customized. This convergence has increased power densities exponentially, raising operating temperatures and underscoring the need for highly-capable thermal management, interconnect, protection and bonding materials. Henkel provides a comprehensive range of thermal solutions, as well as electrical interconnect materials, protection products, and adhesives. Together, the Henkel materials portfolio delivers the performance and reliability required for advanced power applications.

Henkel’s broad range of complementary material solutions ensures robust thermal management for maximum reliability, high-integrity electrical interconnection, protection against harsh and challenging environmental factors and strong structural bonding for long-term durability.

Beyond the diverse portfolio of performance products, Henkel's total solutions approach includes:

  1. World Class Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities in all regions
  2. Local Technical and Sales Support
  3. Comprehensive analytical capability and technical expertise in chemistry, materials science, and engineering

Henkel has a commitment to supporting alternative energy commercialization and is a solution provider for applications including electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures, solar inverters and optimizers, wireless charging solutions, and battery management systems. Henkel provides material solutions that help improve energy transfer efficiency and allow for the extended lifetimes expected from alternative energy installations. Our encapsulation materials protect electronics from outdoor environments while maintaining a low modulus to minimize stress on components.

Power Modules and Inverters

Power modules consist of IGBT (integrated gate bipolar transistor) modules, MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) modules, IPMs (intelligent power modules) and SIP (system in package) modules. Power modules are used extensively in high power inverter applications like alternative energy conversion, battery backup systems, motor drives for industrial equipment, electric vehicles, traction and shipping. Henkel materials are formulated to deliver premium performance under the demanding temperature and power exposures of these devices. They help increase reliability and performance of power modules regardless of the end application.

Controlling Heat is Essential for Reliability

With high power density devices, effectively absorbing and dissipating heat is one of the key components to ensuring long-term reliability and performance. Henkel’s thermal management materials portfolio leads the power market when it comes to thermal control solutions, offering exceptional capability for power modules, industrial automation, motion control, power supplies and alternative energy applications. Each power system has unique requirements and Henkel’s broad range of thermal control technologies ensures consistent, reliable performance.

Learn more about Henkel's thermal management solutions, here.

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