Whether it is the automobile industry, manufacturing, or power generation, the need for high-performing and reliable gasketing sealant materials to keep processes running smoothly is essential. Leaks or unintended fluid intrusion lead to downtime, work stoppages, and increased cost. However, high-quality gasketing sealant materials prevent leakage or the intrusion of fluids or gases by completely filling the space between the flange surfaces. To ensure that the seal remains intact and leak-free, the gasket must to be resistant to the fluid or gas it is sealing. It must also withstand the joint’s application temperature, pressure, and any micromovement.

Henkel’s industry-leading experts have made it their mission to produce high-quality gasketing sealant solutions that meet individual needs. Henkel knows that finding the right gasketing solutions isn’t always easy. That is why Henkel has set out to demonstrate how its LOCTITE® brand of adhesives materials are there to prevent leaks/fluid intrusion, reduce costs, and make it easy to get the job done right. LOCTITE® gasketing sealant solutions provide reliable gasketing design and materials that can be trusted.

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With several different applications needed for different industrial and automotive uses, Henkel has a wide variety of gasketing sealant solutions to offer. 

High Temperature Gasketing Sealants

For manufacturing or other industrial uses, a high temperature gasketing sealant is a must-have to keep manufacturing or power plants running efficiently and effectively. Henkel’s LOCTITE® NS 5540 and NS 5550 are specifically designed for repair and maintenance uses that require effectiveness under high temperatures. Henkel has the gasketing sealants that perform under extreme conditions whether it be high pressure or high temperatures applications.

Learn more about the LOCTITE® Portfolio of high temperature sealants

Anaerobic Gasketing Sealants

Anaerobic gasketing sealants are used in tight areas where air cannot reach. Henkel’s anaerobic liquid gasketing sealants are generally temperature resistant and cure upon contact with metal ions when air is not present. Henkel’s anaerobic gasketing sealant solutions are designed to add stiffness to the entire flange and offer reliability while maintaining an airtight seal.     

Gasketing Sealants for Electronics

Gasketing electronic devices requires high-quality materials that can be used for different applications. From circuit boards to automotive displays, Henkel has gasketing solutions for a variety of electronic devices. Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand provides electronic liquid gasketing sealant benefits such as process automation, emission improvement, improved chemical resistance, and better cost efficiency.

Cured-In-Place Gaskets (CIPG)

These gaskets are formed by applying a bead of liquid elastomer that is cured before assembly. These gaskets are dispensed onto a groove or step using automated high-precision equipment, generating a uniform solid compression gasket. The material is cured immediately after dispensing either by ultraviolet (UV) light, by heat or through a multi component system. The cured gasket adheres to the applied flange and, when assembled, is compressed between the mating parts, thereby closing the existing gaps. Sealing is achieved through compression of the cured gasket during flange assembly, similar to soft gasket material (SGMs).

Advantages of CIPG over SGMs:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Supply chain simplification
  • Easier handling of vertical components
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Design flexibility paths
  • Chemical compatibility

Formed-In-Place Foamed Gaskets (FIPFG)

These gaskets are formed by applying a bead of liquid elastomer onto one of the flanges to be sealed, which will be foamed either by a neutral gas or by gases released by the reaction of two components during the dispensing process. Depending on the process, the resulting gasket will have either open cells, mixed cells, or closed cells. The material is cured after dispensing either by ultraviolet (UV) light, by heat or through a multi-component system. The cured gasket adheres to the substrate flange and, when assembled, is compressed between the mating parts, thereby closing the existing gaps. Sealing is achieved through compression of the cured  gasket during flange assembly, similar to CIPGs.

Learn more about FIPFG Gaskets

Gasketing Sealant Products

Gasketing sealant solutions to ensure intact and leak-free seals and resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and vibrations

Gasketing Applications

Henkel has gasketing materials for several industrial applications. From gasketing sealant solutions for automobile manufacturing to water filtration facilities to power generation plants, Henkel is the industry-leading supplier of sealing materials.  


For high-functioning automotive engines, seals that prevent leaks are essential for efficient operations. Henkel offers gasketing solutions for engines, powertrain, transmission components, batteries, or other applications. Henkel’s LOCTITE® and TEROSON® brands are a trusted supplier for automotive manufacturing, e-mobility solutions, and repair needs. This includes engine gasket material, exhaust gasket material, or general automotive gasket material. Henkel also offers gasketing solutions for automotive displays specifically regarding sealing of the vehicle’s display frame. 

Liquid sealants provide car designers and manufacturers with a much better alternative to solid gaskets for automotive systems. Our solutions provide total contact between the two faces, and a durable seal for all types of flange geometries. Additionally, formed-in-place gaskets eliminate the compressive loading needed by traditional gaskets, seals surface imperfections, may add structural strength and can provide huge cost benefits.

With the rise of e-mobility manufacturing, durable gasketing solutions that reduce overall weight. Henkel provides high-quality gasketing sealant solutions for electronic drive systems that allow you to save time and lower costs in your e-mobility manufacturing process.


Leakage is devastating for automotive powertrain systems and will greatly affect the performance of any power generating system. For this reason, the powertrain systems in automobiles require gasketing sealant solutions that reliably work under harsh conditions. Henkel provides high-quality products for applications such as transmission housing sealing, water pump sealing, electric drive motor sealing, and more. 

Industrial Machinery

Non-leaking gaskets are efficient for any type of industrial operation. Whether it is an oil refinery, water treatment plant, beverage industry, or power generation plant, Henkel’s line of liquid gasketing sealant solutions are flexible in their application. Liquid gasketing solutions from Henkel ensure that plant operations are not disrupted by leaks that cost time and money. Henkel offers guidance both in the design and repair of devices used in industrial manufacturing through its innovative line of gasketing sealant solutions. 

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