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Electronic components are the building blocks of all electronic systems and used in products within every industry from consumer goods to automotive to industrial equipment. These enabling devices are vital to reliable electronic performance, which is why top component manufactures choose Henkel as their materials supplier. The breadth of Henkel’s electronic materials portfolio ensures access to enabling and compatible materials for reliable, cost-effective functionality. With unmatched technical expertise and broad global capabilities, Henkel provides the know-how and bandwidth for electronic component design and manufacturing success. 

Henkel Adhesive Solutions for Electronic Components

Henkel has developed a broad range of connecting and protecting materials that facilitate the manufacture of highly functional and reliable electronic components, including:

  • Industrial Sensors
  • Connectors and Other Components On Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Board Mounted Magnetic Components

Industrial Sensors

Industrial sensors are foundational to today’s increasingly connected world and vital to providing intelligent technology to enhance user experiences. Within industrial applications, sensors facilitate multiple functions including measurement of pressure, temperature, position, vibration, humidity and material flow, to name a few. In order for sensors to work as designed, high performance Henkel materials are required to enable robust interconnects and to protect the devices from adverse environmental factors.

Our materials portfolio is used for sensor applications within various market sectors such as consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, appliances and test and measurement.

Connectors and Other Components on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Connectors and printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the basis for electrical function. PCBs span a range of complexity – from simple single- and double-sided substrates to multilayered, and from rigid to flexible. With every advance achieved in electronic products, the PCB and its assembled components are impacted. Henkel’s expansive range of PCB assembly materials includes bonding, connecting and protection formulations that enable electrical operation and offer safeguarding for durable performance, regardless of the challenges that increasingly complex designs, densities and end uses dictate.  

Board Mounted Magnetic Components

Board-mounted magnetic components, which include transformers and inductors, are essential for enabling constant voltage in an electronic device. There are several types of transformers, which most often allow for the distribution, transmission and utilization of electrical power.

The effectiveness of a magnetic component is largely dependent on the integrity of its core, dampening of vibration interference, protection and reinforcement of coils, thermal control and robust electrical interconnects. For all of these critical elements, Henkel has a solution and, as a materials system, they provide unfailing performance, exceptional reliability and dependable in-field performance.  

Resources for Electronic Components


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