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The aerospace industry has been around for more than 100 years and yet it is still one of the sectors which is constantly developing new technologies. In the last few years, the industry has mainly been driven by digitization, automation, improved maintenance, new sustainable material solutions, and innovative transportation models such as urban air mobility.

A strategic partnership with a global, experienced aerospace supplier like Henkel offers manufacturers support in all elements of designing and manufacturing lightweight airplanes. With over 50 years of expertise under our wings, Henkel is a leader in aerospace coatings and structural adhesives for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. Listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications, we are ready to support your processes from beginning to end, across the globe.

Henkel invests heavily in R&D of adhesives in the aerospace industry to provide a wide range of BONDERITE® and LOCTITE® products to tackle any manufacturing or maintenance needs. With proven expertise and global distribution network, Henkel’s innovative aerospace products provide our customers with practical, economic, and performance benefits. From aerospace grade adhesives, sealants, and epoxies, to coatings and assembly films, Henkel has a portfolio of aircraft building supplies that offer reliable and effective solutions.

Henkel’s aircraft products meet tough regulations and exacting specifications. We're always looking for necessary advancements in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

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Aerospace Grade Adhesives, Sealants, and Epoxies

Henkel has been developing strong, high-quality epoxies, sealants, and adhesives to meet the demands of the aerospace industry for over 50 years. Our portfolio of adhesives for aerospace applications allows for higher weight loads and easier assembly while maintaining material integrity and strength. Additionally, aerospace sealants need to work fast and reliably to prevent leaks and Henkel’s range of aerospace products offer fast fixture times and reliable performance every time.

Henkel’s aerospace grade epoxy adhesives offer high thermal and chemical resistance and excellent adhesion with minimal shrinkage. Our aerospace epoxy product line includes aerospace epoxy resins as well as primers.

Our range of LOCTITE® aerospace adhesives provide lightweight and high-strength adhesion and improved toughness to a wide range of materials and have the following benefits:

  • Multi-substrate bonding: Joining of different (dissimilar) substrate materials
  • Uniform weight distribution over the substrate
  • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
  • Extraordinary mechanical performance

Aerospace Coatings

High-quality and effective aerospace coatings and surface protectants are vital to protect against corrosion and maintain aircraft appearance. Henkel is at the forefront of aircraft coating technology and offers a broad portfolio of surface treatment solutions such as cleaners, conversion coatings, and engine overhaul products. Our range of products are available in multiple packaging configurations to provide optimal surface applications and improve process efficiency while reducing operator errors and waste.

Aerospace Assembly Film

Henkel’s broad range of film adhesives offer innovative solutions for aerospace structural applications.

Our aerospace assembly film is designed to increase toughness and reliability and offers excellent thermal management and high-reliability grounding solutions.

As a long-term global partner for aircraft manufactures, Henkel provides sustainable aerospace assembly film solutions that enhance performance and production efficiency.

Enabling Innovations in Advanced Air Mobility

Henkel is at the forefront of technology and innovation and offers a range of products and materials suitable for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Henkel’s portfolio of epoxies, sealants, and adhesives for aerospace applications that include urban air mobility development.

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Our Sustainable Approach

Henkel is a leader in sustainability best practices and committed to providing environmentally advantaged solutions that meet the strict regulations and requirements of the aerospace industry. Henkel continues to innovate all along the supply chain to provide the highest sustainability standards and state-of-the-art technology.

Support Across the Entire Aerospace Value Chain

No matter your challenge, we strive to ensure that your company can meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges. We partner with you to help identify solutions in manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Our solutions offer high structural integrity and better performance, make your manufacturing and assembly processes more efficient, and support day-to-day maintenance, repair, and cleaning of aircrafts and components.

Solutions for Aerospace

With the LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® brand, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of solutions for whatever you need. And because we invest heavily in aviation R&D and product support, our team is equipped with the expertise to solve any challenge you come across.

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