Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance

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A Partner with Decades of Aerospace Experience

With over 50 years of expertise under our wings, Henkel is a leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. No matter your challenge, we can help. Listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications, we are ready to support your processes from beginning to end, across the globe. Henkel invests heavily in R&D to provide a wide range of BONDERITE and LOCTITE products to tackle any manufacturing or maintenance need. With proven expertise and global distribution network, Henkel’s innovative materials provide our customers with practical, economic and performance benefits.

Our products meet tough regulations and exacting specifications. But we're not satisfied with the now. We're always looking for necessary advancements in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

Support Across the Entire Aerospace Value Chain

No matter your challenge, we strive to ensure that your company can meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges. We partner with you to help identify solutions in manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Our solutions offer high structural integrity and better performance, make your manufacturing and assembly processes more efficient, and support day-to-day maintance, repair, and cleaning of aircrafts and components.  

Read out more about our European facility in Montornès, Spain. 

Solutions for Aerospace

Under the LOCTITE and BONDERITE brand, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of solutions for whatever you need. And because we invest heavily in aviation R&D and product support, our team is equipped with the expertise to solve any challenge you come across.

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