Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) have been used for high-reliability applications such as automotive, medical and telecom products, but Henkel also offers ECAs that are non-noble metal compatible, which are ideal for handheld consumer devices. ECAs are lead-free solder alternatives for active and passive component attachment.

Henkel’s electrically conductive LOCTITE® adhesives offer strong component and PCB interconnections for on-demand, long-term, and reliable performance. A broad portfolio of ECAs in paste mediums are formulated using a variety of base chemistries including acrylate, epoxy and silicone platforms, designed to provide manufacturers with choice and flexibility for varying application requirements.

Versatile Electrically Conductive Materials

Henkel’s electrically conductive adhesives are ideal for use in thermal, electrical interconnect and structural bonding applications for improved reliability in electronic systems.

For manufacturers that require both electrical performance and thermal dissipation functionality, Henkel’s electrically conductive materials are the most proven, trusted adhesives on the market.

Resources for Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Brochure: Materials for Automotive Radars

Brochure: Materials for Photovoltaics

Brochure: Materials for Automotive Cameras

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