Tapes, Labels, and Graphics

Adhesive Solutions for the Tapes, Labels and Graphics Industry

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are used for a wide range of applications and can solve a variety of challenges for manufactures, and many processes can be sped up and improved by implementing pressure-sensitive adhesives. At Henkel, we're your partner in developing sustainable and innovative tape, label, and graphics solutions. 

Our PSA solutions can meet the highest safety standards for both food or non-food applications, lower your total energy consumption, and reduce your waste and packaging. And, if you have a unique need, our team has the expertise to customize a solution that works for your application.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our dedicated adhesive experts are committed to continuous development and innovation in PSA technologies. We work with our partners to foster progress and collaborate closely with our customers during their product development process. We can support you with tailor-made pressure sensitive solutions and a seamless experience integrating those solutions into your production process.

Tapes, Labels, and Graphics Application Solutions

Bonding is one of the main themes of the 21st century with adhesive solutions developed for a broad range of industries. Specialty solutions in the field of pressure sensitive adhesives are of rising importance in various application fields such as labels, tapes, and graphics. Henkel’s selection of TECHNOMELT® Hotmelt AdhesivesAQUENCE® water-based adhesives, and LOCTITE® UV and solvent-based acrylic adhesives offer high-quality bonding solutions for PSA tapes, labels, and graphics.

Our worldwide operations enable us to serve you wherever you are located and provide you with consistent quality.

When it comes to pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of hotmelt, acrylic and water-based adhesive tapes designed for automotive, construction, electronic components applications, and more. With excellent adhesion and temperature and chemical resistance, our selection of tapes can be tailored to meet your unique specifications.

The demand for sustainable and food safe packaging continues to grow. Additionally, manufacturers are looking for specialty labels that help them stand out from the competition. Henkel’s labelling adhesives are available for food, packaging, pharmaceutical, and a wide range of other applications. 

Graphic adhesives can be used for vinyl signage, wrapping vehicles, traffic, and safety graphics and more. With excellent weather-resistance and durable adhesion, Henkel’s portfolio of pressure-sensitive graphic adhesives provides high quality and reliable bonding solutions for your specific applications.

Technical expertise in PSA markets and applications

Henkel has broad experience and deep technical understanding of the PSA market as the only supplier offering the four main PSA technologies. Our ambition is to partner with our customers to grow and innovate. Our comprehensive technical support includes formulation expertise, customer application and process know-how as well as technical training and consultancy. Learn more about our broad service offer and your benefits arising from our wide-ranging adhesive support.

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