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Henkel offers innovative adhesives optimized to provide the processibility needed for intricate handheld applications. The materials snap cure at low temperatures to keep pace with fast production cycle times and are highly stable, offering convenient storage, staging and use conditions. Henkel offers a wide range of underfills that improve the mechanical robustness of CSP, BGA, LGA and WLSP components in mobile phones and other handheld devices, as well as underfills that dramatically improve the thermal cycle reliability of flip chip assemblies.

Advanced LOCTITE® structural bonding adhesives ensure the device's enclosure, sub assembly and external decorative elements are assembled for the long-term. A broad portfolio of chemistry platforms provides manufacturers with choice and flexibiltiy for application-specific requirements and provide a barrier to external contaminants and water ingress.

Henkel Material Solutions in Smartphones

Through close customer partnership, industry know-how and engineering support, Henkel enables innovative design for smartphones and tablets.


Applications for Tablet Devices

Henkel’s leadership in the tablet and handheld sector is unmatched. In addition to the most comprehensive range of enabling materials that span the package-level to the board level to the external structure, our team provides the experience, engineering knowledge and documented design and application know-how for fast time-to-market and dependable device performance.

Resources for Smartphone & Tablet

Brochure: Henkel Solutions for Touch Panels and Displays

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