Die attach adhesives are essential materials in manufacturing internal components of many different electronic devices. With electronic devices becoming increasingly smaller the challenges related to semiconductor and circuit board bonding are growing. Die attach adhesives are just not only important for the structural integrity of a semiconductor or circuit board, but also help with thermal management and can enhance electrical performance.

Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand offers a range of die attach adhesives in paste and film form. Designed for strong bonding holds and fast curing times, our die attach material product range has the adhesive material that secures the components and packaging to the substrate. With decades of experience in adhesive technology for electronic manufacturing, Henkel is the trusted supplier of die attach adhesives for a broad range of companies across the globe.

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Die Attach Adhesive Types

Henkel offers a number of different die attach adhesives that are tailored to different electronic applications. Our die attach pastes and films are used predominantly for semiconductor manufacturing. LOCTITE® has developed die attach pastes and films, as well as epoxies, for semiconductor wire bonding process. These materials secure fastening wires and substrates and are suitable for manufacturing processes in the electronics industry.

Read more about our die attach film adhesives and die attach pastes:

Conductive Die Attach Adhesives

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK provides a portfolio of conductive die attach pastes and films that are essential for assembling semiconductor packages for wirebond integrated circuits that require electrical conductivity. Read more about our conductive die attach pastes and die attach films.

Non-Conductive Die Attach Adhesives

Non-conductive die attach adhesives are important for electronic products. Both our die attach pastes and films come in non-conductive forms that are suited for a number of applications. Read more about our non-conductive die attach pastes and die attach films.

Wafer backside coating is a unique process that facilitates automated application of die attach adhesive at the wafer-level followed by B-staging to form a die attach film. Applied by spray coating, Henkel’s wafer backside coatings enable process speed, thickness control, and material uniformity. Following thermal or UV B-staging and wafer dicing, die attach is achieved via heat and pressure to produce a consistent bond line and small, controlled fillets. Wafer backside coating adhesives are ideal for die attach applications where fillet control is critical.

Henkel’s novel wafer backside coating materials allow for screen or stencil printing of the paste across the entire wafer in a single stroke, increasing throughput by eliminating the need to individually dispense dots of adhesive. After B-staging to create a film, wafer backside coating provides consistent bond lines and small, controlled fillets, which are particularly effective for attaching small die in miniaturized packages and challenging structures like chip-on-lead where the die pad is smaller than the die.

Full Sintering Die Attach Adhesives

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK has a line of full sintering die attach pastes that are both thermally conductive and stable. Read more about our full sintering die attach paste and film solutions.

Pressure-Less Sintering Die Attach Adhesives

Pressure-less sintering die attach pastes enable many high thermal electrical setups. LOCTITE® ABLESTIK offers a line of pressure-less sintering die attach pastes that are up to the challenge of heat dissipation. Read more about our pressure-less sintering die attach paste solutions.

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