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From Smarter to Better.

In a rapidly changing world with endless technological possibilities, people's desire for meaning and value is stronger than ever. Henkel Qhesive Solutions we created an umbrella brand to unlock new possibilities with smart and transformative digital solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies. In ever-changing times like these, Henkel Qhesive Solutions is the dedicated home for meaningful solutions that improve people’s lives sustainably. As leading innovators in the global adhesives industry, we know that today's smart solutions are more often "not smart enough". That’s why we set out to collaboratively create solutions that are not only smarter but also do better to deliver substantial results.

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From Adhesive to Qhesive.
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From smarter to better.

Our Vision: Collaboratively Tackle Challenges to Make a Change to the Better

At Henkel, we believe: Progress should not be limited to a privileged few but should be inclusive, making our lives better. For all of us. That’s why we think beyond existing boundaries and routines, beyond adhesives, and even beyond products to achieve sustainable and human-centred progress that is accessible to everyone.

Drawing from a rich Henkel heritage, diverse portfolio, and connected eco-system of technology partners, Henkel Qhesive Solutions is here to make a difference. We are adaptive pioneers of Industry 4.0, blending the agility of a fast-moving start-up with the experience and resources of a global player. Together with our customers, we transform their products, services, and processes, harnessing the power of data to create measurable value. These smart and digital solutions enhance healthcare, revolutionize production processes, create smarter homes, and reimagine the way we move and connect.

Solutions and Areas of Activity

Smart Adult Care: A Smart Solution to Manage Incontinence

With Smart Adult Care we have teamed up with strong technology partners to put the needs of caregivers and patients at the heart of our entire development process, rethinking elderly care for a growing global population facing incontinence challenges.

Our people-first solution developed with our partners transforms conventional diapers into smart, connected medical devices, adhering to stringent safety standards. Lightweight, flexible printed sensors and reusable pods enable caregivers to remotely monitor relevant health data, providing actionable insights for high-quality incontinence management. The result? Increased efficiency, reduced diaper usage and laundry, and improved care in nursing homes. Most importantly, residents' quality of life is enhanced through individual, needs-oriented care.

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Smart Packaging Control: Real-Time Monitoring for Sustainable Packaging

Ensuring high quality in packaging is vital for success in many industries. However, at the end of complex manufacturing processes a lack of transparency in adhesive application can weaken the entire production line. Here, even minor deviations impact product quality, brand experience, and ultimately the global volume of packaging. Excessive usage of adhesives wastes resources, while insufficient application leads to packaging defects.

Smart Packaging Control offers real-time monitoring through smart sensors, optimizing adhesive usage and reducing waste. By helping customers achieve sustainability goals without compromising quality, Smart Packaging Control improves the entire value chain. With our virtual 24/7 advisor, we empower industries to maintain consistency in packaging, driving positive change for a better future.

Smart Sensor INKxperience Kit: It all Starts With an Idea

Positive change requires bold ideas. With our Sensor INKxperience Kit, we enable you to ideate solutions for a better tomorrow. The kit showcases the potential of printed electronics for smart product applications, including reusable sensors for leak detection, liquid levels, temperature, and pressure. With pre-configured hardware and software, engineers can explore various possibilities in developing sensor solutions for industries like construction, logistics, and smart appliances.

Printed electronics offer flexibility and efficiency, enabling the collection of data for remote monitoring and promoting sustainability. Reflecting the needs of IoT engineers based on user tests and surveys, the INKxperience Kit drives digital transformation and empowers engineers to create innovative IoT solutions with ease.

The Era of Collaborative Ecosystems: Co-Creating Sustainable Business Ideas that Benefit Everyone

We believe in the power of collaboration to bring about sustainable change. And we are just beginning to unlock its full potential. Join Henkel Qhesive Solutions in our journey to co-create a sustainable future through collaboration and innovation, connected in powerful data-driven ecosystems. Together, with our partners, we are building impactful global communities with diverse expertise to answer the questions of sustainable value creation and the way we want to live together.

Why Work With Henkel Qhesive Solutions?

We are Failsafe

Unlock the full potential of entire cohesive value chains with Henkel Qhesive Solutions. From diaper manufacturing to software development and hardware production: Our profound engineering, manufacturing, and global market expertise enables you to create sustainable solutions for long-term success. 

We are Collaborative

Experience the power of end-to-end collaboration with Henkel Qhesive Solutions. Join our fluid, impactful, and diverse multi-disciplinary network of expert partners. Benefit from premium access to global markets through our close customer relations and long-term partnerships. 

We are Transformative

Embrace your transformative spirit with Henkel Qhesive Solutions. As leading innovators in the adhesives business and pioneers in printed electronics, we tailor solutions to your specific industrial needs with our agile innovation approach, human-centric and iterative development process, and strong user testing expertise. 

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