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It’s in our DNA to transform the status quo and find new solutions for a rapidly changing, digitalized world. With Henkel Qhesive Solutions we leverage megatrends like digitalization and IoT devices to create solutions that are not only smarter but also do better. By combining Henkel’s long experience in material science and chemistry with intelligent analytics we elevate and improve existing products and processes.

These solutions give our customers’ products or processes a new, extended meaning beyond their current function. They smarten up businesses globally – enabling them to move faster and improve peoples’ lives. 

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From Adhesive to Qhesive. From products to solutions. From smarter to better.

 Industry 4.0, Digital Process Automation and Beyond - Our Areas of Operation

Trends like smart technology, industry 4.0, automation and digitalization are rapidly changing industry after industry. Drawing upon strategic network partners and the latest innovations in material science and chemistry, Henkel Qhesive Solutions has built a portfolio of the most trusted smart solutions to drive digital transformation in high scale producing industries. From smart wearables like connected health devices to smart factories and smart home devices, we are offering solutions for a broad range of innovative industries.

Smart Healthcare

We transform medical products into smart, connected medical devices that support caregivers and consumers with remote health monitoring and treatment advice for improved patient care & healing.

Smart Industry

With smart analytics we transform analog, manually controlled processes into more failsafe production environments that deliver consistent, superior quality and predictive maintenance insights for ultimate process control.

Smart Mobility

By applying smart interior and exterior surface solutions we are re-inventing mobility and increase driver safety and comfort.


Smart Living

With smart surface solutions for building interiors and exteriors that enhance convenience, safety and connectedness, we are creating smarter living experiences.

Adult care: Ageing Populations are Driving the Demand for Connected Medical Devices

Due to ageing populations there is a growing demand for smart medical and hygiene solutions in healthcare systems. Our smart adult care improves the daily hygiene routines for caregivers and patients by monitoring the moisture levels, patient movement and temperature in smart care diapers and thus, enabling real-time health monitoring, better diagnostics, and ultimately patient wellbeing.

Smart Industry: Ensuring Automated Manufacturing is Critical as Consumer Demand Rises

The demand for digital infrastructure is growing across industries to improve process efficiency and reduce cost. Our smart industry solutions allow tailored process monitoring, quick failure detection, capacity improvement  and much more. 

Sensor Inkxperience Kit – 1 Box. 5 Sensors. Unlimited Testing Capabilities

The new and innovative Henkel INKxperience Kit offers four different printed electronic technology sensors pre-configured with hardware and software for prototyping and engineering ideation. The kit is designed for professional engineers and developers to experiment with the technology of printed electronics for the development of IoT sensor solutions.

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From Adhesive to Qhesive 

From Product to Solution 

From Smarter to Better

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