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No matter the challenge, we're your partner in finding a better way.

Innovation is rarely accomplished alone. It requires a team with expertise, passion, and a penchant for taking smart risks. At Henkel, we're a part of your team. We work alongside innovators to solve complex challenges in every industry. We lead with adhesive, sealant and functional coating solutions that make the impossible suddenly seem possible. But we're problem solvers, too. When you're tackling your next challenge, we can provide the product—and the expertise—to help get you there.

Analytical Services

Ensure you're operating at peak efficiency.

No matter the industry, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your manufacturing process to identify both problem points and improvement recommendations. Our team can perform a variety of analyses, from validating process baths and parts to determining root cause analysis for customer issues. The result is a tailor-made plan to boost your performance and reduce failure.

Chemical Management

You focus on your mission. We’ll focus on your chemical requirements.

Chemical management is both challenging and critical. At Henkel we can help you monitor your processes and materials in order to reduce costs, improve quality and productivity, and ensure environmental compliance. And, when you need to see how you're doing, you can access our online reporting tool to create data extracts, set up dashboards and export results.

Consulting and Training

Tap into our knowledge base.

Select the right product and use it effectively the first time. Right from the first contact, we'll work with you to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. As a leader across industries, we have unrivaled knowledge and experience. Our teams have the expertise to analyze your requirements, recommend the most appropriate solution, and work with you to design and refine processes that are cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and offer a flawless, efficient workflow. And, once your project is in motion, our technical customer service team is always on hand to provide a rapid solution if something goes wrong.

Design competency

We work closely with our industrial customers to create tailor-made and integrated solutions designed to meet their challenges, particularly in relation to cost efficiency and suitability for volume production. How you can benefit from this:

  • We partner with you right from the point of concept
  • We anticipate the needs of your designers and engineers because we have in-depth knowledge of your industry
  • We have a number of design centers around the world where we can test and develop customized solutions for your business

LOCTITE Maintenance and Assembly Services

LOCTITE Services help maintenance personnel prevent chronic equipment failures that lead to unplanned downtime, and enable design and production teams to reduce costs and extend product life with new assembly methods.

Equipment Partnership

Apply products with confidence.

In many applications, consistency and speed is key. We offer equipment solutions and partnerships that can reduce operator training costs, production time, and waste. Selecting a product and fine-tuning your application can be done all in the same place.

Lab Testing

Step inside our labs.

Need some testing done? Our labs are unrivaled in the industry and are equipped for performing practical tests that can be reliably scaled up to full production. Whether you want to analyze a single product or review your complete system, we can provide all the data you need. Our team is constantly testing new applications and if we haven't tested yours yet, we can customize a test to fit your specific need.

On-Site Support

Leverage our expertise in your own facility.

Need a deeper level of support? We can come to your facility. At Henkel, we offer on-site support for production line audits, manufacturing process setup, quality improvement and control, testing, and more.

Sampling and Prototyping

Ensure a successful application.

Avoid product failure by adding sampling and prototyping to your process. We can provide samples for testing or can facilitate your prototyping initiative with a custom performance evaluation in a simulated or actual production environment.

Value Calculators

Quantify a product's impact before you buy.

Need to know how integrating a product into your process will affect your bottom line? Our specialists can accurately analyze the total cost of your processes and determine your savings potential. You'll receive an in-depth written report detailing all identified cost saving opportunities.

Industrial Services Offered by Henkel

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