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No matter the challenge, we're your partner in finding a better way

We know that choosing the right product is not all it takes to get the job done right. From identifying problems or inefficiencies in your production processes to finding new ways to benefit from a wide range of products, your adhesive supplier is should offer more than just a product description.

We understand that innovation is rarely accomplished alone. It requires a team with expertise, passion, and a penchant for taking smart risks. At Henkel, we're a part of your team.

We work alongside innovators to solve complex challenges in every industry. We lead with adhesive, sealant, and functional coating solutions and that make the impossible suddenly seem possible. But we're problem solvers, too. When you're tackling your next challenge, we can provide the product—and the expertise—to help get you there.

Engineering Services

Henkel offer a full assortment of engineering services that allows you to benefit from our years of experience and knowledge in the industrial engineering field. We offer engineering and lab services that help our customers improve their design and production processes. 

Our engineering services include:

Visit our Engineering Services section to find out more.



Manufacturing and Maintenance Services 

Henkel offers a range of manufacturing services that aim at helping you to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our services range from OEM manufacturing services and maintenance reliability solutions to chemical management services that are applicable to several industrial facilities. With Henkel’s manufacturing services, we are happy to come to your facility to provide you with on-site consultations and support.

Our manufacturing and maintenance services include

Visit our Manufacturing and Maintenance Services section to find out more.

Data Enabled Services

Leveraging new ways of collecting and interpretating data has dramatically helped to improve manufacturing efficiency while improving quality and reducing costs. Across industries, there have been efficiency improvements resulting from smart manufacturing advancements that utilize remote monitoring and industry 4.0 technology. Our team of technical and efficiency experts have crafted cutting-edge solutions that can help your facility reach new levels of productivity.   

Our Data Enabled Services include:

Visit our Data Enabled Services section to find out more.

Industrial Services

Henkel provides a wide range of industrial services that help you rent specific equipment so you can get the most out of your Henkel products. We also develop individualized solutions for industrial process across industries and have expanded into areas such as printed electronics and 3D printing. With our industrial services, you get what you need, when and where you need it.

Our industrial services include:

Visit our Industrial Services section to find out more.

Resources and Technical Library

Henkel is just not a supplier of industrial adhesives and materials but is also a supplier of knowledge resources and research tools. We offer a number of educational resources such as eLearning tutorials as well as pre-record webinars discussing a variety of topics. We also offer different online resources such as eCatalogs, safety and regulatory materials, and a technical library comprised of white papers and other tech articles. Lastly, we have developed value calculators so you can discover how to find the best deal for your business. 

Our technical resources include:

Visit our Resources section to find out more.


Whether you have a question a specific product or are looking for product that will meet your needs, our customer support team is always there for you. Browse our frequently asked questions page or find out who to contact in case you can’t find your question online. We also offer specialized web experience tips to help you find what you are looking for on our site quicker.

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