Industrial lubricants from Henkel are made to keep things moving—delivering precision lubrication for even the most complex and challenging processes. From the smallest machine to the largest  forging press - we manufacture a wide range of high end lubricants designated to reduce production times, improve tool life, reduce scrap and waste, as well as reducing the energy consumption in your workshops or production plants.

Manufactured and certified to the highest standards, Henkel materials are trusted around the world to support metal forming as well as machining and metalworking operations, delivering a broad range of flexible solutions that meet the demands of today’s busy workplace. Our products include cutting fluids, cold and hot forging lubricantsdie casting lubricants as well as metalworking coolants and many more, ensuring you have the resources you need to keep standards high and your workers safe. 

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Industrial Lubricants Applications

Henkel’s BONDERITE® brand is committed to aiding manufacturers meet and exceed precision and safety standards across a broad range of industries. Our innovative and reliable cutting fluids and oils, forging and casting lubricants deliver superior levels of performance while maintaining the levels of safety and non-toxicity required in the workplace. We take pride in constantly striving to improve our metalworking fluids, and metal forming lubricants to ensure your machines and tools operate efficiently in even the most demanding environments.

We provide all of the technical information and support required to enable you to make the right choices for your specific applications, alongside comprehensive support when using any of our products. Henkel also offers specialized anti-seize lubricants, dielectric greases for electrical connectors and other synthetic lubricants that help meet individual requirements.

As a leader in the field, we support hundreds of sectors around the world, advancing performance, quality, and safety within the automotive industry, aerospace, transportation, defense, electronics, construction, electrical, shipbuilding and other industries.

As part of our catalogue, Henkel delivers cutting edge solutions to all of your metalworking, forging, casting, and machining needs. Whether for an industrial-scale complex or a single factory, discover the range below and push your plant’s efficiency to the next level. 

Cutting Oils 

Henkel’s machining, grinding and cutting oils are designed for metal removal of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. They are also suitable for use on brass, copper, and other exotic metals. Ranging from low to moderate viscosity, these oils offer a diverse portfolio for general machining applications such as cutting, milling, shaping, shaving, or flute grinding. They offer universal application to ease product inventory in machining and grinding facilities.

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Metalworking Fluids & Coolants

BONDERITE® Metalworking Coolants provide a blend of oil and detergency in one package. BONDERITE® Metalworking Coolants are formulated with bio-resistant chemistry, and multi-metal compatibility for today’s metalworking needs. BONDERITE® metalworking coolants improve tool life, part cleanliness, reduce system cleanout and downtime cost. They are low foaming, hard water stable, offer high lubricity and clean running combined with a long bath life. The very low product consumption of our semi-synthetic and synthetic machining fluids significantly reduces the total operating costs by lower water consumption and less waste.

BONDERITE® lubricants and coolants help our customers to produce excellent surface finishes with best tool-life to ensure consistent quality over long periods. Our range includes oil based, semi synthetic lubricants, synthetic lubricants, grinding fluids and metal stamping oils.

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Casting Lubricants

Henkel offers complete range of casting lubricants designed for all major foundry processes. This includes lubricants for high pressure die casting, gravity casting and low pressure casting as well as plunger lubricants and various auxiliary lubricants such as startup-lubes and anti-welding lubes. Local and international casting manufacturers rely on Henkel's die cast emulsions, dispersions, graphite-based lubricants, insulating coatings, and high performance greases.

The broad product range covers applications from thick walled parts like engine blocks or gear boxes over large parts such as battery boxes to special products for complex thin walled parts such as structural components. Our products meet the highest standards - our latest series of casting lubricants for parts made of naturally hardening alloys yield best in class release properties while still providing excellent in results in downstream processes such as cleaning and pretreatment as well in terms of paint adhesion and adhesive bonding.

With special casting lubricants developed for micro-spray applications, Henkel helps customers to be at the forefront of innovation in the foundry by running their processes as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Besides their best-in-class release properties, our high pressure die casting lubricants and high pressure casting release agents, are easy to handle, reduce casting porosities, offer outstanding corrosion protection of the dies and excellent biostability achieved by a new, innovative technology for bio-stabilization. This performance of this technology was successfully proven under extreme conditions in our recently developed first recyclable high pressure die casting lubricant.

Henkel BONDERITE® casting lubricants allow you to increase your productivity and to improve your part quality while meeting all the latest environmental norms and improving the safety of your workforce.

Forging Lubricants

Henkel owns an extensive line of forging lubricants for hot, warm and precision forging processes, which are designed to perform under extreme temperatures and pressure. Whether for close die forging, extrusion, calibration or flow forming processes -  Henkel supports you in variety of industries where precision and durability are paramount.

Manufactured for use with all relevant materials, including steel, stainless steel, bronze and brass as well as for aluminum forging, our catalogue supplies everything you need to maximize die life and part quality, while reducing cycle time and rejection rates.

In addition, Henkel offers synthetic products specifically formulated to replace graphite-based forging lubricants, while providing excellent lubrication and tool protection on even the toughest forge.

Henkel offers a high-quality line of protective coatings for billet and die lubrication for precision forging of super alloys to enhance performance, minimize oxidation and downtime. Furthermore, we provide a large range of special lubricants for precising forging and special operations like superplastic forming. 

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Cold Forming

Henkel's portfolio offers a variety of cold forming pre-treatments and lubricants including non-reactive coatings for wire-and-tube-drawing, stainless steel extrusion and the forming of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Henkel’s BONDERITE® conversion coatings, soap lubricants and molybdenum disulfide lubricants address the most difficult forming applications. They minimize metal-to-metal contact and reduce tendencies for welding and galling. Our products simplify metal forming processes to achieve shorter cycle times and maximized die life. The results are reduced overall operational costs and lower maintenance stops to optimize plant productivity. 

Henkel’s line of BONDERITE® polymers for cold forming are developed using environmentally sustainable technology that can easily be applied with in-line or batch systems. BONDERITE® L-FM-FL one step polymer coating allows for significant cost savings and process simplification by less process stages, no sludge formation and avoiding resulting disposal costs, while extending tool life. BONDERITE® L-FM-FL is the solution for our customers that are aiming for future lean, sustainable and efficient cold forming lubricants.

Tire Mounting Lubricants

Henkel’s tire mounting lubricants are used in tire assembly operations, especially in the automotive industry. Henkel’s time mounting lubricants offer very short drying times reducing the mounting times in your workshop. Due to their fully synthetic formulation they show a much better stability in thermal cycling than traditional, soap-based products.

Anti-Seize Lubricants

Henkel’s anti-seize lubricants and compounds are formulated to resist galling and corrosion while reducing wear on your machinery. Capable of working effectively at high temperatures, the LOCTITE® anti-seize lubricants in our catalogue are industry leaders in the field, suitable for application in any industry where prevention and protection of machine parts is critical to efficient operations and manufacturing.

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Resources for Industrial Lubricants

For more information on any of our machining fluids, industrial lubricants, and coolants, contact Henkel today and we will be happy to discuss the right solutions for your specific application.

Download the overview of our machining & grinding oils solutions:

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