Smaller, finer-pitch devices with higher voltage applications and the move to high-volume manufacturing have necessitated the need for better insulation and increased performance between components on the printed circuit board (PCB). This means faster curing, easier dispensing, and higher reliability. Historically, the use of circuit board coating protection was only used in industries such as aerospace. However, other markets including automotive and consumer electronics have integrated PCB coating material to deliver improved reliability, for (protection from fluids) waterproofing, to safeguard brand image and IP, or to gain a competitive advantage. 

Henkel’s advanced LOCTITE® brand of conformal coating materials for electronic applications protect PCBs and advanced substrates from thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids, and other adverse environmental conditions, ensuring long product life cycles for harsh marine, automotive, medical and consumer electronics applications. With exceptionally fast cure capability and 100% solvent-free formulations, LOCTITE® conformal coating material provide fast processing and are environmentally responsible. 

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LOCTITE® Conformal Coating Product Line

With several years of conformal coating formulation expertise, Henkel has developed some of the industry’s most trusted and effective products for electronics coating. Our broad portfolio of chemistry platforms, application options, expansive global resources, and advanced materials that safeguard against thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids, and other harmful conditions help manufacturers improve product reliability and lifetime. This includes conformal coating fluid protection waterproofing capabilities to help protect against moisture and corrosion.

The LOCTITE® conformal coating product range includes a number of different chemistries and application options. This include conformal coating spray for PCB applications that can be dispensed through aerosol containers, providing efficient and cost-effective PCB protection. Conformal coating spray can be applied either manually or automated depending on manufacturing needs. Other application methods include brushing and dipping. Learn more about the different conformal coating chemistry options below.

Conformal Coating Application

Silicon Conformal Coating

Silicone conformal coatings for PCB is commonly used for sensitive circuit board components that encounter high stresses. Our silicone conformal coatings are solvent free 100% solids and are available as one component materials. Silicone conformal coating cure or dry time varies on a number of factors such as whether it is heat or UV-cured.

Urethane Conformal Coating

LOCTITE® urethane conformal coatings are one component coatings that are solvent free. Our urethane conformal coatings which effective resist the effects of moisture and help prevent corrosion. Additionally, our urethane conformal coatings can be cured at room temperature or UV-cured and are highly suited for heavy duty applications

Acrylic Conformal Coating

LOCTITE® acrylic conformal coating materials feature high moisture and chemical resistance. These conformal coatings are known for their quick drying prosperities. Our acrylic conformal coating materials are free of chlorinated solvents and other chlorofluorocarbons.

Process Flow for Conformal Coating

PCB Cleaning

Effective PCB cleaning provides the best results and helps to eliminate:

  • Flux-related contamination issues
  • Contamination from poor handling
  • Chemicals in PCBs and components
  • Other contaminants


  • Masking is required for non-selective conformal coating processes and must be compatible with coating system
  • Henkel offers a dispensable, no-cure peelable mask to replace traditional tape, reducing the process time significantly


Conformal coating can be applied in multiple ways:

  • Brushing
  • Dipping
  • Needle dispensed
  • Manual spray (atomized)
  • Automated selective coating


Conformal coating offers multiple curing options:

  • Drying / Solvent evaporation
  • Heat
  • RT (Moisture / Two-part)
  • Combination cure
  • UV / Heat, UV / Moisture, UV / Two-part

De-mask / Rework

De-masking and reworking are frequently required due to:

  • Production problems
  • Field failures
  • Upgrades


Once the conformal coating process is completed, the PCB is ready to be tested for:

  • Surface insulation resistance
  • Appearance (cracks, blistering, bubbles, etc.)

TECHNOMELT® Peelable Masks & PCB Coatings

As part of Henkel’s broad portfolio of conformal coatings and PCB protective coating products, the TECHNOMELT® family provides a new and efficient approach to conventional masking techniques and circuit board protection. Diverse and versatile, each of these innovative conformal coating materials exhibits watertight encapsulation, excellent adhesion performance to a variety of substrates, excellent resistance to a variety of environmental stimuli, low viscosity, high dielectric strength, and improved flexibility at low temperatures.

The TECHNOMELT® portfolio is designed for a range of applications. Prior to applying conformal coating to printed circuit boards (PCBs), certain areas and/or components – called ‘keep out zones’-- must be masked off.  Traditionally this has been a manual process but, in the never-ending quest for production efficiency, manufacturers are opting for automated solutions. That’s why conventional manual taping methods are on their way out and a simplified, sustainable, resource-maximizing solution is in, thanks to Henkel innovation.

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