Conformal Coatings

Cost-effective, process friendly materials for reliable circuit board protection

Smaller, finer-pitch devices and the move to high-volume manufacturing have necessitated the need for better insulation and increased performance between components on the printed circuit board (PCB). This means faster curing, easier dispensing, and higher reliability. Historically, the use of PCB protection was only used in industries such as aerospace; however, other markets including automotive and consumer electronics have integrated PCB protection to deliver improved reliability, for waterproofing, to safeguard brand image and IP, or to gain a competitive advantage. PCB conformal coatings deliver all this and more.  

Henkel’s advanced LOCTITE® brand of conformal coating materials protect PCBs and advanced substrates from thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids and other adverse environmental conditions, ensuring long product life cycles for harsh marine, automotive, medical and consumer electronics applications. With exceptionally fast cure capability and 100% solvent-free formulations, Henkel’s conformal coatings provide fast processing and are environmentally responsible. 

Henkel Conformal Coating Chemistries

Tough and Flexible
Temperature Resistance
Impact Resistance
Chemical and Abrasion
-65 to 130 °C
-65 to 200 °C
-65 to 125 °C
-40 to 130 °C
Tg (°C)
Very Low
Cure Mechanism
Heat, Room Temperature
UV, Heat, Room Temperature
Room Temperature UV+Moisture, UV+Heat

Henkel Conformal Coating Push Products by Chemistry

With more than thirty years of conformal coating formulation expertise, Henkel has developed some of the industry’s most trusted and effective products for PCB protection.  Our broad portfolio of chemistry platforms, application options, expansive global resources, and advanced materials that safeguard against thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids and other harmful conditions help manufacturers improve product reliability and lifetime.


Urethane Acrylates

Process Flow for Conformal Coating and Peelable Mask Materials

Resource-efficient Masking Alternative

Prior to applying conformal coating to printed circuit boards (PCBs), certain areas and/or components – called ‘keep out zones’-- must be masked off.  Traditionally this has been a manual process but, in the never-ending quest for production efficiency, manufacturers are opting for automated solutions.  That’s why conventional manual taping methods are on their way out and a simplified, sustainable, resource-maximizing solution is in, thanks to Henkel innovation and TECHNOMELT AS8998. 

See TECHNOMELT AS8998 in action vs. manual taping

Simplified Process 

  • Ultra-fast processing           
  • Prescise automatic dispensing   
  • Solidifies upon cooling 
  • Requires no curing             
  • Easily peelable without residues                                 
  • Slump-resistant for improved dispense control


  • Greener process                
  • Halogen-free and RoHS compliant                            
  • Silicon-free                                  
  • No outgassing during coating process                                              
  • Reduced material waste

Material Compatibility

  • Compatible with Henkel conformal coatings         
  • Compatible with common automated dispensing systems                           
  • Compatible with numerous substrate surfaces                  
  • Compatible with thermal processes up tp 100 °C

Cost Savings

  • Reduced labor costs              
  • Reduced material costs                  
  • Equipment savings                      
  • Significant reduction in overall cost of ownership

Resources for Conformal Coating

 Resources for Peelable Mask 

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