Consumers want quality, dependability, and comfort in their personal hygiene products. Whether seeking discreteness, leak prevention for a greater sense of security, or just softness to the touch, these attributes are essential for personal hygiene products to address consumer needs. Personal hygiene manufacturers and suppliers are constantly searching for new ways to incorporating new technologies with nonwoven liners, films, absorbent layers, elastics, and specialty adhesives to bond these all together with a single goal – satisfaction. Henkel is here to help.

Henkel offers comprehensive personal hygiene and nonwoven adhesive solutions which allow consumers to live life to the fullest. Our range of nonwoven adhesive and nonwoven bonding solutions meet the requirements of your manufacturing processes and increase production efficiency. Henkel’s material solutions for the disposable hygiene and nonwoven industry combine high adhesion with skin-friendliness, thus equipping your hygiene products with the right qualities for each application. We offer innovative hygiene adhesive solutions for baby diaper, adult incontinence, feminine care, medical protective wear, and tissue and towel applications.

For decades, Henkel has been helping our diverse set of customers construct high-quality hygiene products. Our focus is on existing personal hygiene products along with our team of dedicated adhesive experts enables production of smart hygiene solutions. The latest advances include integration of conductive inks into smart hygiene solutions. In baby diaper applications, these tools make it easy to know when it is time to change your infant.

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Nonwoven Adhesive Solutions for Personal Hygiene Products

The demands for personal hygiene materials are diverse. From creating thinner cores while simultaneously increasing absorptive qualities, to creating elastic materials that achieve greater flexibility, comfort, and security, personal hygiene products are expected to meet the consumer expectations in many different areas. The construction of personal hygiene products requires a material supplier of personal hygiene and nonwoven adhesives that knows the challenges your business faces.

Henkel’s personal hygiene and nonwoven adhesive solutions span across different applications. Our adhesive solutions include our TECHNOMELT® range of polyolefin hot melt adhesives specifically used for personal hygiene applications such as baby and adult diapers, as well as fem care products. Our line of pressure sensitive adhesives, Easyflow®, is ideal for the construction of a variety of personal hygiene products because of their suitability for bonding plastic substrates. There are a variety of water-based adhesive needs. Our AQUENCE® product range supports tissue and towel applications. These VAM-based emulsion adhesives designed for porous materials.

Additionally, our team of technical experts assist brand owners with improving production performance with troubleshooting and best practices to avoid common challenges of bleed-through, overspray, pattern voids, and char.

At Henkel, our focus is on the consumers and needs. That is why we concentrate on the senses of customers, namely sight, smell, touch, and sound to ensure that the personal hygiene products they use meet their needs and expectations. Our solutions are geared to helping you construct personal hygiene products to meet comfort, security, and strength expectations associated high-quality hygiene products. We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Our high-impact solutions are created with consumers in mind – how can our adhesives experts help you to [be more] for your customers?

Visual Perfection

Appearance is more than quality. It also involves the aesthetics, such as color and patterns. Quality is often determined based on the way a product looks coming out of the package. Consumers want quality when they are purchasing hygiene products. It provides a sense of assurance – a unspoken guarantee – that there will be no problems.

Odor Abatement

Opening a product with a strong chemical odor can detract from the buying experience. Consumers have strong opinions about how products smell. With hygiene products, it is a preference. Some want a fragrance while others want nothing. Henkel has a Fragrance Center staffed with professionals who are experts in incorporating fragrances into products.

Softness Integration

Comfort is a top priority for consumers. Consumers have high standards of softness and want nothing rough touching their skin to cause discomfort. Manufacturers can achieve the softness in many ways. However, bonding these soft substrates has challenges. Understanding how nonwoven materials are developed is critical since softness can be achieved in many ways.

Noise Elimination

Consumers want discretion in their hygiene products so quietness is critical. The combination of the substrates and other products need to move with consumers and not create undue noise. These products work with nonwoven materials and personal hygiene product designs to eliminate noises during movement.

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Personal Hygiene Applications

Henkel has an extensive portfolio of nonwoven adhesive products specifically designed to efficiently bond soft nonwovens and enhance the feeling of well-being for consumers. Whether it be nonwoven bonding solutions for baby diapers or a certain positioning adhesive for feminine care products, Henkel offers solutions across product lines. These products improve the nonwoven converting and increase the softness in the base materials. This equates to increased comfort for the consumer.

Troubleshooting Nonwoven Hot Melt Adhesives

Downtime for manufacturers can be costly – reaching upwards of 500 hours annually according to some studies. Operating nonwoven hot melt adhesive production lines have a variety of challenges. To establish a robust process, a strong understanding of the key process variables is required to create and maintain a stable application. It also involves learning how to implement new applications and troubleshoot existing applications.

Troubleshooting issues on a production line requires understanding the causes – bonding failures, thermal stability, nozzle plugs and adhesive placement – and how to correct them. For nonwoven applications, manufacturers rely on the effectiveness of hot melt adhesives to assure a strong seal or bond. Brand owners need to understand the working relationship between the equipment and adhesive to maximize both uptime and finished good performance. To gain additional information on various troubleshooting topics, follow the links below:

To gain more insights on ways to increase efficiency of hot melt adhesives, contact Henkel and learn more best practices about improving the operating life of adhesives.

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