Learn how to secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts in housings or on shafts by using retaining compounds. It is a type of anaerobic adhesive, filling the inner space between componens and cure to form a  strong precision assembly. This is a standard method for assembling press- and slip-fitted parts.

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With below instruction you can secure press- and slip fitted parts. Make sure to select the right product for the assembly method needed. The aim is to achieve a maximum load transmission capability and uniform stress distribution while eliminating fretting corrosion.

All repair and maintenance tasks shown should be done by professionals only. Please do not try this at home or if not qualified by professional education. Always follow car manufacturer's instructions.
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Preparation and Cleaning

For easy removal of any residue of old retaining adhesive, use LOCTITE® SF 7200. Then, prior to applying adhesive, use LOCTITE® SF 7063 to degrease and clean surfaces.


Application — For slip fitted assemblies

Apply the adhesive around the leading edge of the male component and the inside of the female component and use a rotating motion during assembly to ensure good coverage.


Application — For press fitted assemblies

Apply adhesive thoroughly to both bond surfaces and assemble at high constant pressure. Use slow curing products for press fitted assemblies.


Application — For shrink fitted assemblies

Apply the adhesive to the shaft, heat the collar/hub to create sufficient clearance for easy assembly. 



For disassembly of the bonded shaft/hub connection apply localised heat at approximately 250°C. Disassemble the parts while they are still hot.

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