Functional Inks and Coatings

Henkel offers a wide range of ink and coating material solutions across many industries

Henkel's broad portfolio of functional inks and coatings serves multiple markets including IoT, consumer electronics, medical & hygiene, automotive, furniture and building. Manufacturers today are increasingly seeking high-quality ink and coating materials to help produce products that are smaller, lighter, and more technologically advanced. Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand of functional inks and coatings enable a new level of connectivity for medical solutions, in-home conveniences, consumer electronics, and advanced automotive systems that are reliable and effective. Our line of material solutions include conductive inks, dielectric inks, resistive inks, and electrode inks as well as several different ink products that are tailored to specific manufacturing needs.

Like most things in electronics, the majority of applications that incorporate printed electronics are getting smaller in dimension and more complex in functionality. Henkel’s ability to formulate inks that address the demands of fine line printing, while maintaining robust conductive and other functional properties sets us apart from the competition and has led to technology innovation within our comprehensive portfolio of inks for printed electronics. In order to meet the desired application requirements, our dedicated Printed Electronics Team offers support through the product selection process for printed electronics materials.

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Ink and Coating Applications

As consumers demand smaller and less expensive products, manufacturers for electronic applications must incorporate high-volume, low-cost solutions. Printing is one of the most cost-effective production methods for certain applications. Therefore, printed electronics technology is an additive technology to traditional electronics which helps to address this high throughput, reduced cost scenario. Taking a total solutions approach, Henkel has developed ink sets that work together to provide customers completed systems with the functionality and environmental robustness for today’s demanding applications. The primary benefits of printed electronics has to do with thin, flexible, and lightweight construction that allows for new and improved products that were not previously possible.

Our functional inks and coatings have been used by a wide range of manufacturers in many different industries to help them develop the cutting-edge technologies we rely on. For instance, using inks to print sensors has been a proven method of electronics printing for some time. Inks for printing sensors and resistors vary widely in resistance values and compositions and are used for a variety of applications such as seat sensors for airbag deployment as well as potentiometers for the automotive and consumer markets.

The technological advances in the medical field have seen an increasing demand for printed electronic materials that required high-quality inks suitable for different applications. This most prominently involves the production of biosensors and EKG/ECG electronics as well as stimulation pads. Electronics manufacturing also demands a wide variety of ink used for the production of print circuit boards, touchscreens, different household appliances, and lighting. The automotive industry has also become increasingly reliant for printed inks for its electronic systems within the vehicle itself as well as for PTC heating elements.

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Ink and Coating Product Types

Henkel is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality inks and coatings that are suited for a wide range of applications. Our ink and coating product range includes numerous different inks built around four broad categories:

  • Conductive Inks
  • Dielectric Inks
  • Electrode Inks
  • Resistive Inks

Henkel also offer functional ink formulations which are flexible, stretchable, and formable, depending on the desired application. Altogether our portfolio comprises conductive silver, silver/chloride and carbon inks, stretchable inks, and PTC inks as well as ECG electrode material and biosensor ink. These inks are designed for screen printing, flexographic printing, and other specialized printing applications.

Printing Technique Applications:

Based on your desired speed of production and product functionalities, different types of printing techniques are required for printed electronics production. Henkel’s functional inks and coatings are suitable for diverse application processes such as flexographic and gravure printing as well as screen printing. In order to help facilitate the numerous Henkel’s functional inks are suitable for different application techniques such as spraying, dipping, or brushing.

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