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With an increase of in-home patient care, material regulations, and the need for safer, less invasive devices, LOCTITE adhesives facilitate the design and manufacture of medical devices. LOCTITE medical device adhesives are engineered to streamline operations and increase product reliability and safety.

Safety First Through Manufacturing and Quality Controls

Our adhesive solutions meet the specific process requirements and biocompatibility for each type of device manufactured. LOCTITE Medical Device Adhesives are tested to the industry’s most comprehensive ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards. Henkel employs strict manufacturing and quality controls to ensure continuity of compliance. 

For ISO 10993 biocompatibility certificates, click here. 


You’ll find LOCTITE® medical adhesives in a wide range of medical devices including:

Training and Engineering Services

As your adhesive consultant, we provide Engineering and Training Services to help you find the right solutions for your requirements. Our skilled engineers and adhesive specialists have years of combined experience developing cost-efficient solutions for the medical market that improve product reliability and safety.

Consult with Henkel and gain access to:

  • Customized training for your engineering and quality teams demonstrating how adhesives can optimize product design and processes
  • On-site engineering assistance and consultation
  • Process improvement tours
  • Joint product development programs
  • Contract lab services and testing

Schedule a consultation now with an adhesive specialist.



Medical device assembly resources include a Medical Product Selector Guide, Design Guides, technical papers and design blog where we discuss various topics related to improving performance and reducing costs in medical device design and assembly.

Selector Guide & Design Guides

Medical Device Design Blog

Technical Papers

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