LOCTITE® Solder Game Changer Portfolio

Henkel's game changing solder materials

Simple, Scalable and Temperature Stable

The LOCTITE® GC solder paste platform changes everything you thought you knew about solder. Uniquely stable flux chemistry delivers unprecedented performance and is the basis of all LOCTITE® GC materials, including the award-winning LOCTITE® GC 10 and water-washable LOCTITE® GC 3W.

The Anatomy of a Game Changer

LOCTITE® GC 10 is stable at 26.5°C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month, providing benefits throughout the logistics and operations chain, while still offering unbeatable printability and reflow performance.

Improved Stability

The material and temperature stability of the LOCTITE® GC line ensures superior batch-to-batch consistency (12x over conventional paste solutions), resulting in finer on-line stencil stability.

Improved Printing

The single flux formulation not only reduces printing defects, but it is designed to meet all assembly needs. From challenging miniaturized components for handheld products to high-reliability devices for automotive applications, GC offers the best paste transfer efficiency and paste-on-pad material volumes.

Improved Reflow

Eliminating the need for expensive nitrogen reflow, LOCTITE® GC pastes have superb coalescence in air on 0201, 01005 and 0.03 mm CSP components, and show zero dewetting on a long hot soak profile, with a minimal hot slump at 182°C.

Improved Logistics - Transport

Offering a truly adaptable and flexible solder paste supply chain, the LOCTITE® GC portfolio reduces concern about receiving-to-refrigeration speed, ensuring a cost-effective transport, production and operating lifecycle.

Cost Savings

The LOCTITE® GC line offers a solder paste that works for all board sizes, densities, thicknesses and surface finishes—eliminate costly NPI evaluations by qualifying one material for all assembly requirements.


Compliant with REACH halogen-free initiatives, GC solder pastes are a halogen-free formula, they also integrate RoHS and EICC conflict-free tin sourcing practices. The LOCTITE® GC program pushes sustainability even further by eliminating nitrogen, reducing energy usage, and maximizing productivity and yield.

Optimized Paste Management

Not only does LOCTITE® GC eliminate end-of-day paste scrapping to 5%, compared to an industry standard of 25%, but the room temperature stable formula ensures more use on the line and less paste in the bin.

No Refrigeration

Sustainable energy consumption is part of shipping and storing the no-refrigeration-required LOCTITE® GC products. With no thaw period required prior to production use, time on the line starts as soon as the paste is placed in production.

Customer Testimonials

With the launch of the LOCTITE® GC platform, Henkel has forever changed the game and the way the industry thinks about and uses solder paste. Our customers have an advantage, and they’re enthusiastically talking about it.

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