Finding the right products for industrial maintenance and repair is clearly important and Henkel’s LOCTITE® line of MRO products provides you with the right solutions. However, effectively identifying problems and training your staff to use these products is an important part of a comprehensive MRO strategy. Luckily, Henkel’s team of MRO experts is there to help you get your maintenance and repair operations going and keep everything running smoothly.

Henkel offers a number of industrial maintenance training programs, seminars, and workshops that provide your team with the training and expertise needed to keep your industrial facility running. These industrial maintenance training courses provide information on the various LOCTITE® products used across different applications while providing in-depth instruction for the most up-to-date industrial maintenance approaches. We will survey your facility, provide hands-on training for your team, and identify areas for maintenance improvement and cost savings. This includes industrial maintenance skills assessment so you learn what trainings should be conducted. Additionally, we provide an on-site maintenance reliability analysis that reviews and evaluates a facility’s operational and maintenance profile and identifies inefficiencies or other challenges.

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Henkel’s maintenance reliability solutions include in-plant surveys, maintenance reliability workshops, as well as Henkel Certified Applicator Training. We know that a proactive maintenance approach can help your facility achieve its reliability goals. That is why our team is ready to come to your facility and provide the support you need, when you need it.

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Plant Surveys

Henkel’s plant surveys include a maintenance reliability analysis that helps uncover problems in your plant and allows you identify how to improve maintenance processes. In doing so, our team of MRO experts provide hands-on training for your team and identify areas for maintenance improvement and cost savings.
Henkel’s plant surveys help to identify and prevent the most common equipment failures that can lead to downtime such as:

  • Shaft misalignment
  • Vibrational loosening of fasteners
  • Air and hydraulic leaks from threaded fittings
  • Spun bearings and keyway wallow
  • Gasket failure

Maintenance Reliability Workshops

Our on-site maintenance reliability workshops include seminars, courses, and other trainings. These workshops can benefit both seasoned MRO teams as well as new employees who require a more extensive training. The aim of our workshops is to help identify the right products for each maintenance process or application while sharing our expert knowledge of proactive maintenance best practices. Instruction on proper product selection and application of these products is an important element of these workshops.

LOCTITE® Services Help Maintenance Teams:

Save Time
Reduce the number of maintenance issues and reduce the frequency of redundant failures, to save the time it takes to address them -- freeing your team for other tasks. 

Reduce Energy Costs
Make your plant more efficient by finding and sealing costly air leaks and eliminating loose connections.

Improve Safety
Keep your teams safer by eliminating injury hazards.  These could be caused by loose components, steam and fluid leaks, cutting corners during emergency repairs and more.

Reduce Fluid Consumption
Control plant operating costs better by repairing costly fluid leaks and reducing cleanup and disposal costs.

Henkel Certified Applicator Training

Henkel’s Certified Applicator designation demonstrates that a maintenance service provider meets the highest standards and knowledge of MRO protective coatings. Our Certified Applicator Center network represents an expert understanding of MRO best practices and the appropriate application of LOCTITE® product solutions.

Contact a member of our team to find how to become part of our Henkel Certified Applicator network. 

MRO Application Training Across Industrial Facilities

Henkel’s application training programs can help across a diverse set of industrial facilities. Our industrial maintenance programs help you avoid downtime and improve maintenance procedures across industrial facilities including mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, power generation plants, and wastewater treatment, as well as many more industries. LOCTITE® MRO solutions and trainings can be applied for both rotating and static equipment as well as industrial floor repair across multiple industries.  

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