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Schedule a consultation with a LOCTITE Engineering Solutions Expert to see how your plant can get closer to zero unplanned downtime.

Prevent The Most Common Equipment Failures That Can Lead To Downtime Such As:

  • Vibrational loosening of fasteners
  • Air and hydraulic leaks from threaded fittings
  • Spun bearings and Keyway wallow
  • Gasket failure

We will survey your facility, provide hands-on training for your team and identify areas for maintenance improvement and cost savings.

In-Plant and Online Services

In-Plant Survey

In-person assesment to identify maintenance improvement opportunities.

In-Plant Maintenance Reliability Workshops

Hands-on training covering threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing, retaining and bonding.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Lower costs by streamlining your inventory and using the trusted brand of a global adhesive technology leader.

Online Training

Digital training designed to help you prevent chronic maintenance failures through the use of LOCTITE adhesives.

LOCTITE Services Help Maintenance Teams:

  • Save Time
    Reduce the number of maintenance issues and the time it takes to address them -- freeing your team for other tasks.
  • Reduce Energy Costs
    Make your plant more efficient by finding and sealing costly air leaks and eliminating loose connectings.
  • Improve Safety
    Keep your teams safer by eliminating injury hazards.
  • Reduce Fluid Consumption
    Control plant operating costs better by repairing costly leaks and reducing cleanup and disposal costs.

Success Stories and Additional Resources

Schedule a Consultation with a LOCTITE Engineering Solutions Expert

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