Smart factory in Henkel Vietnam

The must-take step for digital transformation

Digitalization makes it happen

In Henkel, we believe in value of digitalization, which is the integration of processes and systems that network everything – production, logistics and services, personnel or resource planning. Production cycles become shorter; customer requirements are incorporated into production in real-time. These are examples of what a “Smart Factory” is capable of. 

An illustration shows the evolution of industry 1.0 to industry 4.0

The Smart Factory in Henkel Vietnam

The smart factory is a key component of Henkel’s journey towards Industry 4.0. As an early adopter of the Industry 4.0 programme, Henkel Vietnam has implemented smart factory system in our adhesives factory in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai since 2017. The project was implemented to build a complete technology platform with a fully transparent and collaborative environment that covers the end-to-end processes of a factory. It is now easier for related departments to track data, such as inventory and the status of every mixer. This also has helped to easily identify process bottlenecks, driving continuous improvement and a lean culture, thus improving efficiency.

Production control room in smart factory in Bien Hoa plant

While digitalization creates flexibility and transparency – Smart factory digitalizes the processes in order to enable a paperless and directly networked operation and to relieve the dispositive level of routine activities. In addition, the factory drive by “Intelligentization” MES* to control the relationship between production process and ERP** to provide financial data and order information so that we can adapt to new products easily and flexibly change by customer demands”, shared by Mr. Truong Minh Truong Cuu, Bien Hoa Plant Manager. 

* MES : Manufacturing Execution System
** ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning

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Mr. Truong Minh Truong Cuu, Bien Hoa Plant Manager

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