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Henkel has more than four decades of experience in the formulation and supply of quality adhesives for high reliability applications designed for aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground and maritime vehicles, satellites, guidance systems, radar and sonar. LOCTITE®, TECHNOMELT® and BERGQUIST® brand product solutions have been qualified and specified by all major aerospace OEMs and contractors, further underscoring the proven quality and reliability of Henkel materials. In addition to state-of-the-art materials formulation, Henkel offers unmatched technical support through a world-class global sales, applications engineering, R&D and manufacturing network.

Henkel Customized Support

Henkel is committed to meeting challenging requirements and exceeding expectations with materials that meet regulatory compliance standards, align with NASA outgassing guidelines, deliver ease-of-use with custom assembly film preforms, and provide crticial thermal management capability for high reliability performance and a low-risk supply chain. 


Henkel maintains the strictest quality ISO and TS standards as well as REACH, ITAR and DFARS compliance.

Thermal Management Solutions

Custom Assembly Film Preforms

Fast turn, custom film pre-form manufacturing capability.

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Low Risk Solutions & Supply Chain

Decades of experience supplying products to the aerospace industry with proven, high qualty products, best-in-class technical support and a low-risk supply chain.

Henkel Solutions For Aerospace Specific Applications

Henkel's custom-formulated products are designed for the high reliability requirements of radar, guidance systems and satellite production. These demanding applications may require certified products which are ionicly clean and low outgassing to meet extreme thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements.


Antennas, phase shifters, T/R modules, power modules and transmitters are among the many radar applications where Henkel materials are trusted for outstanding peformance with the mechanical, thermal and electrical enhancements required for maximum reliability.


When ultimate reliability is required, materials with certifiable low outgassing performance, migration-proof and time tested high reliability performing Henkel products have been the go-to risk-free solution.

Guidance Systems

Manufacturers of controls systems, navigation systems, sensors and accelerometers rely on Henkel materials to manage heat dissapation,  make unfailing electrical connections and enhance reliability performance.


An extensive portfolio of high-reliability paste and film solutions for aerospace electronics in planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including engines, turbines, sensors, guidance systems and navigation systems delivers long-term, dependable performance.

Solutions Across The Board

The challenges facing aerospace engineers are immense, which is why these professionals turn to Henkel for electronic materials. Whether managing a PCB's thermal load due to high power density devices, accommodating increased functionality or shrinking sizes, requiring a solution to ground, increase mechanical strength or protect sensitive components, Henkel is the most trusted parter for advanced formulations and unmatched technical expertise.

For more on Henkel's Board Solutions, click here

New Product Launch: LOCTITE ABLESTIK CF 3366

Introducing LOCTITE® ABLESTIK® CF 3366: This epoxy-based, silver-filled film adhesive with high thermal and electrical conductivity is designed for high-reliability applications such as those found in the aerospace sector. Within harsh conditions, LOCTITE ABLESTIK CF 3366 maintains its adhesion strength up to temperatures as high as 175°C, facilitating reliable thermal and electrical performance even during extended exposure to elevated temperatures. Available in custom-cut dimensions, LOCTITE ABLESTIK CF 3366 offers a clean, low cost of ownership alternative to paste adhesives.


  • High electrical and thermal conductivity – superior grounding and minimum thermal resistance to heat sink
  • High and stable adhesion at elevated temperatures – maintains adhesion strength up to temperatures as high as 175°C; extreme environment capable
  • Compatible with temperature-sensitive substrates and components – cures at a low temperature of 125°C
  • Flexible – allows use of material combinations with CTE mismatches
  • Customized preforms – can be custom cut to accommodate highly complex dimensions for clean, easy application with no waste

For more technical specifications, click here.

Resources for Electronics for Aerospace

Sell Sheet: LOCTITE® ABLESTIK® CF 3366

Sell Sheet: LOCTITE® ECCOBOND® UF 1173

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