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Henkel has more than four decades of experience in the formulation and supply of quality adhesives for high reliability applications designed for aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground an d maritime vehicles, satellites, guidance systems, radar, and sonar. LOCTITE®, TECHNOMELT®, and BERGQUIST® brand product solutions have been qualified and specified by all major aerospace OEMs and contractors for use with aerospace electronic components, further underscoring the proven quality and reliability of Henkel materials. In addition to state-of-the-art materials formulation, Henkel offers unmatched technical support through a world-class global sales, applications engineering, R&D, and manufacturing network.

Henkel's custom-formulated products are designed for the high reliability requirements of radar, guidance systems, and satellite production. These demanding applications may require certified products which are ionically clean and meet NASA’s low outgassing materials specifications, as well as extreme thermal, mechanical, and electrical requirements.

When it comes to aerospace circuit boards solutions, all electronics need to meet the strict standards of the airline industry. Used for a variety of aerospace applications including radar antennas, phase shifters power modules, and transmitters, Henkel’s expansive portfolio of circuit board protection, circuit board assembly, and thermal management materials are used by manufacturers of control systems, navigation systems, sensors, and accelerometers to manage heat dissipation, make unfailing electrical connections, and enhance reliability performance.

As a leader in electronic component assembly solutions, Henkel offers an extensive portfolio of high reliability paste and film solutions for circuit and aerospace PCB assembly for radar, guidance systems, satellites, and aircraft. Regardless of your circuit assembly requirement, our range of electronic product solutions are suitable to meet your specific application.

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Aerospace Circuit Board Solutions

The challenges facing circuit assembly engineers are immense. That is why these professionals turn to Henkel for electronic materials. Whether managing a PCB's thermal load due to high power density devices or accommodating increased functionality and shrinking sizes, requiring a solution to ground, increase mechanical strength, or protect sensitive components, Henkel is your trusted partner for advanced formulations and unmatched technical expertise.

When it comes to aerospace PCB assembly, Henkel offers a wide range of connective, protective, and thermal management solutions to protect fragile and sensitive components. These include encapsulation and potting materials, as well as assembly film, electrically conductive adhesives, thermal management materials, underfills, die attach adhesives, and more. The reliability of aerospace electronic components is critical, and the assembly of PCBs and electronic components require the highest quality of materials. Henkel’s broad portfolio of circuit assembly solutions provide excellent performance and protection.

Circuit Board Protection

Henkel is the leading developer of circuit board protection materials. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are subjected to considerable performance demands and circuit board protection materials help prevent damage caused by stress induced by thermal expansion, moisture, and vibration. There are different materials and application methods that can be used in aerospace PCB assembly such as potting, underfills, and low-pressure molding.

Our extensive portfolio of high-purity, ionically clean encapsulants offer protection for components of varying heights and sizes, while our potting formulations meet NASA low outgassing material requirements and are available in a broad selection of viscosities and thermal performance capabilities for a range of substrates.

Underfills are designed to flow and encapsulate array interconnects and available in reworkable formulations that enables preservation of high value PCBs. When used as solder joint protection, our underfill products significantly enhances reliability performance.

Our broad range of TECHNOMELT® low pressure molding solutions offer exceptional electrical insulation, as well as temperature, vibration, and solvent resistance for aerospace PCB assembly while protecting electronics from the harshest environmental conditions.

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Thermal Management Materials

When it comes to aerospace electronics, thermal management materials are necessary to provide efficient heat control since electronic designs are increasingly integrating more capability into complex designs and compact footprints. Henkel’s full range of thermal management solutions offer maximum performance while reducing heat-related failures. The broad portfolio includes gap pads, liquid gap fillers, phase change materials, thermally conductive pastes, films, encapsulants, potting materials, and greases to tackle today’s toughest thermal control challenges.

Electronic Component Assembly

With more than four decades of extensive knowledge and experience, Henkel is a leader in electronic component assembly solutions.

Assembly film, electrically conductive adhesives, thermal management materials, as well as solder and die attach systems from Henkel offer superior reliability and performance even in the most challenging conditions. Our range of electronic component assembly solutions are ideal for use in aerospace PCB assembly and other applications where reliability and high-performance is required.

Aerospace Electronic Soldering Solutions

Henkel is committed to offering the best-in-class performance, printability, reflow, and reliability when it comes to aerospace soldering applications. Henkel’s LOCTITE® range of solder pastes offer halogen-free, temperature stable, REACH- and RoHS-compliant formulations are available in standard, water-washable, lead-free, and tin-lead solutions.

Aerospace Electronic Die Attach

Henkel offers a broad selection of reliable and high performing die attach pastes and films. From electrically conductive and non-conductive die attach pastes, to die attach film adhesives, there is sure to be a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Aerospace Printed Electronics

As an industry leader in aerospace printed electronics, Henkel’s functional inks portfolio offers a variety of conductive, resistive, dielectric, electrode, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient), and shielding inks for aerospace electronic applications.

Henkel Customized Support

Henkel is committed to meeting challenging requirements and exceeding expectations with materials that meet regulatory compliance standards, align with NASA low outgassing materials guidelines, deliver ease-of-use with custom assembly film preforms, and provide critical thermal management capability for high reliability performance and a low-risk supply chain.

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