Bergquist SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators are designed to be clean, grease-free and flexible. The combination of a tough carrier material, such as conformable fiberglass and silicone rubber, provides a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease. SIL PAD® thermal conductivity products minimize  thermal resistance from the external package of a power semiconductor to the heat sink, electrically isolating the semiconductor from the heat sink and providing sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage. They are also strong enough to resist puncture from the facing metal surface. Supplied on rolls, Bergquist SIL PAD® materials are also applicable to a fully automated pick-and-place process.

SIL PAD® - Solutions-Driven Thermal Management


The SIL PAD® portfolio encompasses dozens of products, each with its own unique construction, properties and performance, including:

  • Proven silicone rubber binders
  • Fiberglass, dielectric film or polyester film carriers
  • Special fillers to achieve specific performance characteristics
  • Flexibility and conformability
  • Reinforcements to resist cut-through
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • Wide range of thermal conductivities and dielectric strengths
  • Fully automated assembly process with the support of roll supply format and classical, yet modified, label dispenser systems


SIL PAD® thermal interface materials save time and money, while maximizing an assembly’s performance and reliability:

  • Excellent thermal performance with minimized SIL PAD® thermal resistance
  • Eliminates messy greases
  • More durable than mica
  • Less costly than ceramic
  • Resistant to electrical shorting
  • Easier and cleaner to apply than grease and mica; fully automated assembly is possible due to the roll supply format
  • Under time and pressure, SIL PAD® thermal resistance will decrease
  • Better performance for today’s high-heat compacted assemblies
  • A specific, requirement-based interfacial performance
  • Efficient total applied cost


Some SIL PAD® products have custom features for specific applications. Henkel produces thousands of specials, including:

  • Available with or without adhesive
  • Some configurations are well-suited for automated dispensing and/or placement
  • Aluminum foil or embedded graphite construction for applications not requiring electrical insulation
  • Copper shield layer
  • Polyester binder material for silicone-sensitive applications
  • Polyimide film carrier for increased voltage breakdown
  • Materials with reduced moisture sensitivity
  • Available in rolls, sheets, tubes and custom die-cut parts
  • Can be supplied in custom thicknesses and constructions


The large portfolio of SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators is extremely versatile. In today’s marketplace, SIL PAD® materials are used in virtually every component of the electronics industry, including:

  • Interface between a power transistor, CPU or other heat-generating component and a heat sink or rail    
  • To isolate electrical components and power sources from heat sink and/or mounting bracket
  • As an interface for discrete semiconductors requiring low-pressure spring-clamp mounting
  • SIL PAD® materials support the assembly process as well as making pre-applied processes possible, for applications that require a strong structural bond, Bergquist thermal adhesives are recommended 

Q-PAD® - Non-electrically Conductive Thermal Protection

Bergquist SIL PAD® TSP Q type materials are a composite of aluminum foil-or glassweave reinforced - coated on both sides with thermally and electrically conductive SIL PAD® rubber. The materials are designed for those applications where maximum heat transfer is needed and electrical isolation is not required. Bergquist SIL PAD® TSP Q type products are the ideal thermal interface material to replace messy thermal grease compounds.

Applications and Industries

Henkel’s SIL PAD® & Q-PAD® product portfolios can be used for both industrial and consumer applications in the following industries:

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