What Are SIL PAD® Thermal Materials?

SIL PAD® thermal conductivity products are soft, conformable thermal pads that improve heat dissipation in a range of electronic assemblies. 

They minimize thermal resistance from the external package of a power semiconductor to the heat sink, electrically isolating the semiconductor from the heat sink and providing sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage.

Designed to maximize thermal performance, they are also strong enough to resist puncture from the facing metal surface.

Supplied in rolls, Bergquist® SIL PAD® materials are also applicable to a fully automated pick-and-place process.


Why Use Bergquist® SIL PAD® Products?

Bergquist® SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators are designed to be clean, grease-free, and flexible. The combination of a tough carrier material, such as conformable fiberglass and silicone rubber, provides a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease. 

The Bergquist® SIL PAD® product portfolio is available in multiple thicknesses. Each product is highly flexible and conformable. Choose between a wide range of thermal conductivity and dielectric strengths to suit many applications. 

Bergquist® SIL PAD® interface materials are designed to perform. They comprise proven silicone rubber binders to help aid production. Being fully flexible and conformable makes them applicable to components with multi-level or sloped topographies. They are also reinforced to resist cut-through. 

At Henkel, we always look to ensure you have the right product for every application. Our technical specialists will work closely with you to find out the details of your assembly, before helping you find the right SIL PAD® products for use in your devices.


Compare SIL PAD® Products

SIL PAD® products can be used in a wide range of applications. Choose the ideal product from the portfolio for your needs. Discover products available with or without adhesives, as well as silicone thermal interface and non-silicone material alternatives. SIL PAD® products are available to buy in several formats, including rolls, sheets, tubes, and as custom die-cut parts. Explore the full range:


Explore the portfolio of Bergquist® SIL PAD® materials by downloading product-specific technical data sheets (TDS), find information on hazardous substances with the restriction of hazardous substances sheets (RoHS), or get directions for safe use from the safety data sheets (SDS).

Discover SIL PAD® Products

Q-PAD® Materials - Non-electrically Conductive Thermal Protection

Bergquist® SIL PAD® TSP Q type materials are a composite of aluminum foil - or glassweave reinforced. They are coated on both sides with thermally and electrically-conductive SIL PAD® rubber. 

These materials are designed to be used in those applications where maximum heat transfer is needed and electrical isolation is not required. Our SIL PAD® TSP Q type products are your ideal thermal interface material to use as an alternative to messy thermal grease compounds. 



The Bergquist® SIL PAD® Q-PAD® II product can be utilized in applications where maximum heat transfer is required, but electrical isolation is not. This SIL PAD® material is the perfect replacement in applications where you would traditionally have used messy thermal greases.



Eliminate electronic assembly contamination and reflow solder baths with the Bergquist® SIL PAD® Q-PAD® III product. This SIL PAD® material is a grease-only replacement that you can install before the soldering and cleaning of components. 


Features of Bergquist® SIL PAD® Products

The Bergquist® SIL PAD® product portfolio encompasses dozens of products, each with its own unique construction, properties, and performance. But they all share some common features, which include: 

  • Proven silicone rubber binders.
  • Fiberglass, dielectric film or polyester film carriers.
  • Special fillers to achieve specific performance characteristics.
  • Flexibility and conformability for any application.
  • Reinforcements to resist cut-through in assembly.
  • Multiple thicknesses to suit different topographies.
  • Wide range of thermal conductivities and dielectric strengths.
  • Fully automated assembly process with the support of roll supply format and classical, yet modified, label dispenser systems.

Benefits of Bergquist® SIL PAD® Materials

SIL PAD® thermal interface materials offer fantastic thermal management performance in your applications. They also help save time and money, while maximizing an assembly’s performance and reliability in all types of devices. Benefits include:

  • Offering excellent thermal performance with minimized SIL PAD® thermal resistance.
  • Eliminating the need for messy thermal grease products.
  • Offering higher durability levels than mica alternatives.
  • Reducing cost compared to ceramic thermal management options.
  • Providing excellent resistance to thermal shorting.
  • Offering easier application which is both easier and cleaner than grease and mica. Fully automated assembly is possible due to the roll supply format.
  • Providing decreasing thermal resistance under time and pressure.
  • Improving thermal performance in modern high-heat compacted assemblies.
  • Giving a specific, requirement-based interfacial performance.
  • Offering an efficient total applied cost.

Choosing a SIL PAD® Product

The SIL PAD® product you need will depend on the needs of your specific application. Some SIL PAD® materials have custom features, with thousands of options, including: 

  • With or without adhesive qualities for differing assembly options.
  • Well-suited for automated dispensing and/or placement.
  • Aluminum foil or embedded graphite construction for applications not requiring electrical insulation.
  • Copper shield layer.
  • Polyester binder material for silicone-sensitive applications.
  • Polyimide film carrier for increased voltage breakdown.
  • Materials with reduced moisture sensitivity.
  • Available in rolls, sheets, tubes, and custom die-cut parts.
  • Can be supplied in custom thicknesses and constructions to suit the needs of any application.

Explore SIL PAD® Applications

The large portfolio of SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators is extremely versatile. In today’s marketplace, SIL PAD® materials are used to manage heat effectively in virtually every component of the electronics industry, including:

  • The interface between a power transistor, CPU, or other heat-generating component and a heat sink or rail.    
  • To isolate electrical components and power sources from the heat sink or mounting bracket.
  • As an interface for discrete semiconductors requiring low-pressure spring-clamp mounting.
  • SIL PAD® products support the assembly process as well as making pre-applied processes possible. For applications that require a strong structural bond, Bergquist® thermal adhesives are recommended.

Resources for SIL PAD® Thermal Interface Materials

Learn more about the portfolio of SIL PAD® materials and the full range of thermal management products. Download the thermal management materials brochure for SIL PAD® product specifications, or find the right product for your needs with our product selector.

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