Less packaging material, waste and costs - with special adhesives for palletizing.

Sustainability is a prominent topic in the packaging industry and society overall. Henkel wants to help you to make your production processes more sustainable and automized with adhesives for palletizing.

Our innovative solution enables reduction or complete avoidance of single-use plastics. Ranging from hot melt and water based to pressure sensitive adhesives our technologies will provide efficiency and sustainability increases along the value chain by:

  • Significant reduction or full elimination in film and pallet stretch wrap consumption reducing material costs and waste
  • Automation of adhesive application as part of the end-of-line packaging process
  • Depalletization easier and faster
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Sustainable and efficient palletizing

Watch the video to see how our palletizing adhesives work demonstrated by hot melt application as exemplary technology – and learn how to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Secure and efficient transport logistics with palletizing adhesives

Stacking of goods in various layers needs stabilizing. Palletizing glues are an efficient pallet securing solution and offer several benefits in logistic processes:

  • Securing heavy as well as light goods for transport
  • Suitable for various types of packaging materials
  • Individual adaptation of the adhesive depending on the packed product to achieve the desired performance
  • Retailers benefit from easier and faster depalletization, fully automated depalletizing possible


Sustainable palletizing, less packaging waste and costs

Pallet securing with palletizing glues reduces packaging material, waste and costs at the same time.
  • Less pallet stretch wrap (shrink film, stretch film) needed or fully eliminated
  • Less material used for intermediate layers
  • In line with current sustainability standards and developments to reduce plastics waste       

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