Keeping up with changing consumer demand requires products and systems with the ability to adapt to changing manufacturing needs. Fast-moving consumer goods use hot melt adhesives to keep production lines running at higher speeds for a variety of bonding needs.  The challenge is keeping a steady flow of adhesive to the production lines without increasing manpower or experiencing changes in adhesive temperature or overfilling hot melt tanks.

Some of the most challenging consumer products are related to personal hygiene applications. The product construction includes multiple substrates from nonwoven materials to plastic barriers and can be challenging to find the right mix of products. In addition, consumers demand absorbency, softness, low odor and discreteness which adds another layer of complexity. Both large and small brand owners agree, the top priority is quality and safety in personal hygiene applications.

Henkel offers customers Easyflow® to solve their production challenges. Built around an innovative hot melt adhesive formulation, Easyflow® sets a new standard in process performance and efficiency. It offers:

  • Melt-on-demand capabilities derived from patented product form
  • Closed system integration to eliminate foreign materials in hot melt tanks
  • Auto feeding system to keep production moving

Hot Melt Adhesive Designed for Operational Efficiency

Easyflow® is a patented, adhesive in small, non-sticky mini chubs. This unique form enables auto feeding of TECHNOMELT DM adhesives into hot melt tanks, improving production line efficiency while manufacturing disposable hygiene products and minimizing downtime and material handling. Mini in size, Easyflow® is mighty when it comes to performance and efficiency. Produced with a protective coating, the adhesives is delivered in small, light, non-sticky and easy to handle mini chubs. The protective coating does not compromise or affect the application or end-performance of the adhesive. The coating is 100% compatible with the adhesive. It will not separate in the hot melt tanks.
Easyflow® In this free-flowing hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive delivered via air conveyance from reusable bag into hot melt tanks and dispensed onto the nonwoven substrate. The adhesive is designed for storage away from the production line and avoid manual handling of adhesive. Easyflow® is a complete solution and allows different equipment configurations to meet the unique requirements and space limitations for each manufacturer.

Reducing Downtime During Consumer Goods Production

Production line operators have many tasks to accomplish during each shift. Troubleshooting common hot melt adhesive challenges – from char formation and tank levels to poor substrate coverage and adhesive bleed-through – should not be consuming excessive amounts of time. Production efficiency is a balance of good processes and well-suited materials. For personal hygiene applications, understanding the hot melt adhesive characteristics and performance is important to eliminate common process challenges. Easyflow® is designed to work efficiently and avoid these issues.

Easyflow® brings three main benefits for consumer goods manufacturers to keep productions lines moving and reducing downtime. The unique product form helps establish a robust production line to support improved efficiency, resolve application issues and make it easier for line operators.


Eliminating manual handling of hot melt adhesive tank filling in personal hygiene applications is a easy way to increase efficiency and offer a cleaner and safer work environment for employees.


Improving how the hot melt adhesive equipment operates keeps production moving and results in less maintenance. Easyflow® preserves the heat history and doesn’t experience temperature fluxuations of other hot melt adhesives.


External pollutants can impact the performance of the hot melt adhesive and associated equipment. The Easyflow® closed system requires less maintenance and reduced downtime.

Integrating Safety into Hot Melt Adhesive Application

Knowing the basic safety precautions when working with hot melt adhesives is important to keep line operators safe. The changes in shifts and new employees leaves room for errors or missed activities. An important part of safety is keeping the equipment well maintained and the production area clear of debris and melted adhesive. The fast production lines for personal hygiene applications requires the equipment is maintained and the adhesive closely monitory to avoid contamination in the hot melt adhesive tanks.

Easyflow® is designed to integrate into a hot melt adhesive auto-feed system which is closed to eliminate contaminants.  The auto-feeding feature improves the safety of production line operators by eliminating manual handling of hot melt adhesive and the exposure to the high temperatures. When manufacturing personal hygiene products, it supports a cleaner and safer working environment. Additionally, the closed system avoids contaminants in the system and reduces maintenance on the equipment with improved uptime for production.

Partner with Us to Drive Growth and Innovation

Easyflow® combines three unique features to increase operational efficiency for personal hygiene applications.  The new melt-on-demand adhesive form enables auto-feeding within a closed system and results in:

  • Reduced risks and manual product handling for operators
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Improved quality and output

Our mini chubs set a new standard in performance and efficiency. Learn how our mini chubs can make a big difference in your production lines. Contact Henkel to learn more about Easyflow®.

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