We believe there is value in everything and are developing adhesives and coatings that enable a circular economy by improve the recyclability of packaging and consumer goods.

As a leader in adhesives and coating solutions for packaging and consumer goods, we are committed to enabling the transition to a circular economy for packaging and consumer goods. We can make an impact on sustainability by creating adhesive and coating solutions with consumers in mind. Join us on our journey – let’s work together to [be more] sustainable.

Accelerating a Circular Economy: turning waste into value

The consumer goods and packaging industry is in motion and asking for new solutions to keep valuable materials from becoming waste.

With our adhesives and coatings solutions we are at the center of this megatrend as they can make the decisive difference when it comes to the recyclability.

Enabling packaging to go beyond current functionalities, we create solutions with recyclability “designed in”:

  • Compatibility with recycling
  • Debonding of incompatible materials
  • Enabling sustainable new designs

Our ambition is to enable you to deliver on your sustainability commitments. Both producers and consumers can count on our broad expertise and solutions when it comes to paving the way to a circular economy.

A circular economy starts with us

Your journey is our journey

Circular Economy Webinars

Joint forces for progress toward sustainability

Henkel’s experts are engaged in several cross-industry initiatives to drive progress toward solutions for challenges around sustainable packaging with other organizations that are part of the value chain.

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