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Sustainability begins with a design idea. In order to see that idea through to an actual physical product, all the materials used must fulfill a specific purpose – without compromise. 

Be it in the way packages are bundled together, how a specific item is crafted for more sustainability or even how things are transported, our experts are ready to tackle your design challenge. Work with us to make your design idea a reality and partner with us to [be more] sustainable. 

We’ll help you reach your sustainability goals

Henkel shares software tool EasyD4R for evaluating the recyclability of packaging

Recyclable packaging is a prerequisite for a functioning circular economy. In order to quickly and reliably determine the recyclability of new packaging, Henkel uses its specially developed software tool EasyD4R. Henkel has now made this assessment tool publicly available on its website under so that more companies and organizations can use it and more easily develop sustainable packaging solutions.

The software evaluates the recyclability of packaging based on its composition and the individual weight proportions of the respective components such as basic materials, closures, labels or colors. For all materials in question, the tool stores information on the suitability for identification during sorting, and for processing during recycling. On this basis, EasyD4R shows clear results displayed on a traffic-light evaluation system: It provides information on the recyclability of each design as a percentage and the material combinations which can be optimized for recycling. By doing so, it supports the development of sustainable packaging solutions.

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